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With that provider if it doesn't you are a strong advocate in the for somebody else yes exactly talk to me for a couple minutes please about omega3s and anxiety and medication use in children with anxiety you know omega3s have been utilized in medicine for a long time primarily starting with cardiology and lowering triglycerides they been used in sokaiya tree and brain areas the largest body of data looks at helping with mood and mood disorders the second largest body of data looks at helping with adhd and then there is more anecdotal and less large amounts of data looking at anxiety but i think it pows anecdotal evidence in it's very benign if you go beyond that and talk about medicines people have vast different perspectives about medicines and if you look at hard data seventy percent of kids give or take who go through good cognitive be april therapy can be treated with that without additional medicines but then there is that you know significant minority who have more severe anxiety or forever reason their anxiety just doesn't respond to cognitive behavioral therapy in the lifestyle approaches that we talked about and then medicines can be fun nominally helpful and the medicines of first choice when you look about or look at all link societies or a group of medicines called ssris and that stands for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and are a type of medicine that is classified as antidepressants and they do help depression but if you look at data in kids they're even more effective in treating anxiety and there's a number of those that have been wellstudied and as one part of a comprehensive treatment program can be phenomenally helpful because i know you know it's it's a lot it's hard for a lot of parents to thank god i don't wanna you know over medicate my children and you see that fear and parents and i see that fear and pay.

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