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I did not know that one because it was coming from somewhere else but he has not made all pro. Dave decastro did make all pro in two thousand fifteen in two thousand seventeen gay anybody else I'll tell you there's three so David Castro. I know it's not Boswell Benz made one hasn't he know Ben Rothlisberger all pro. We talked about that. I talked about that for a little bit last night because if they only take one quarterback from the whole league so yes pouncey in two thousand eleven and two thousand fourteen he's a two time all pro and the last one is interesting. I'm GonNa tell you and see if you can remember this player in two thousand seventeen eighteen because there was four steelers that we're all two thousand seventeen to easier or or no longer now wasn't Jay Z are just waiting just wait. We'll give you the hints. The player did not make the pro bowl to start but got elected first team all pro because of the way his position was defined in a three four defense to have you stumped so two thousand seventeen. Yes I guess it would have to became hayward that would be correct. It was cam hayward because I mentioned last night. He was originally listed as a defensive end so therefore therefore for pro for pro bowl he was going up against the J._J.. Watch and the out and the edge rushers of a four three defense and he was not elected to the pro bowl but he was elected as an interior defensive linemen <hes> to all pro so therefore he was then added to the pro bowl later on as they had people that weren't doing it but my question was going to be that all pro that was easy what about pro bowlers current steelers that have been to approachable rebel. Do you have any idea how many or you can start naming them. I'll check them off for you. Tell me if I was going to have you bounce back and forth naming them until somebody Eddie ran out or got one wrong. That was how you're going to do it but you know the church so I just gotTa. Have you listed. I'll just go ahead. Let's let's start with the third on offense watch. Let's start uh-huh special teams. 'cause there's one yet it's GonNa be Chris Boswell. That's correct. Hello Listener. I'm Sean Ramos firm host of today explained Vox Daily News podcast every.

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