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Just again. I'll have to rely on the beat writers to tell me so I did watch the today show early this morning where they said it was actually below zero and Chicago right now. What is the forecast now and for the evening? How cold will it be? It's it's terrible it's terrible and I'm GonNa tell you that the Toronto All Star game which one is I think. Four years ago or so That's the legendary rub recent years the coldest all star weekend. And I'm telling you Tony. The Toronto market has not recovered from that with the players in the league. When the when all those all stars came to Toronto all they think about is how miserable that weekend was even though it was a cold snap even cold for Toronto and even though that for you know eight months out of the year. It's pretty good there. And there's four four months where. It's absolutely spectacular. I still hear players complain about Toronto. Chicago will suffer a scar because of this. I'm not sure the bowl's where free agent destination. Anyway they've not hit with the hit free agents anyway but it was so miserable last night that people. I was talking about Uber driver. People were not walking four blocks and and it was not even the coldest it's going to be yet and the other thing is this is important about Chicago. The Chicago River of course goes right down the middle of the city. Many Times you have to cross over the river. This is what I can tell you from coming here for twenty years you cannot cross. You cannot walk over the bridge when the weather is like this. It's not that far. It's only maybe fifty yards but the wind comes out the lake and because of the skyscrapers goes down that that river. And you may be a one-sided riverine say well it's not that bad but when you go across that river it's like the Arctic and so we're GONNA have people go down thinking that they're gonNa Cross that river in the next twenty four hours. I feel I feel for them already. We'll bond intends to be carried across the river by the way currently sunny and one degree Fahrenheit in Chicago. Really 'cause I guess we'll dinner won't be outside and he loves to eat outside to remember when he forced us into eating outside which was actually quite nice. All right Basketball halfway through the season a.

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