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The to run out shaken and returned to betty's apartment where the two women begin a torrid love affair after their trista rita insist betty go with her to a theater named clubs to lend ceo during the lip synch performance the two women begin crying then in betty's purse is suddenly a small blue box with a lock that seems to math rita's key the returned to the apartment but betty disappears rita unlocks and opened the box before disappearing herself seemingly sucked into the blue box and this transport syst to an alternate reality where naomi watts plays diane selwyn living in the same apartment where rita and betty found the dead body diane is a struggling hollywood actress never getting lead roles and the jobs she does get are faced were lover camilla roads now play by laura herring but camilla has broken up with diane instead choosing to marry adam who is the director of her new film this leaves diane distraught upset and finally diane hires joe the hit man to kill camilla joe says when the job's done he will leave diana blue key but the guilt over the murder drives diane insane she's played with visions of old people tormenting her and laughing so she climbs into her bed grabs a gun and commit suicide as credits role all right so coming out of this there's gotta be questions i know we're going to be having a conversation of what really happened what do you read this as what's real what's not real we have the conversation with lost highway i think we're going to have a conversation here i think with every lynch film and maybe except the straight story well i had an existential crisis about that though.

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