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In sports radio it's your boy koc sees the friday before christmas i don't even know how many people are listening to this i don't know how many people are at work i don't care i am the only person sitting in the studio right now and i have about to lose my fucking mind so let's fucking go let's get into a little baseball talk here on fucking barstool radio rush ninety three it's the christmas season christmas is a few days away is this season are perpetual hope it's this season of happiness is the baseball offseason from fucking hell the governor fred will bonn that old fucking still cheap dinosaur is out here flap but his dopey cheap gums talking about how the yankees he's i rate that the yankees signed mike stanton me to you fucking asshole me and every other met span is furious that the yankees sign mike stanton we are furious that manny machado is common down absolutely one hundred percent inevitably next on furious that they're going to get garrett coal for like a beggar baseball's probably and although time what are the mets doing not i got damn thing they have not spoken to was single sangal player of value no free agents no trade talks no nothing actually as i say as i said you're and think about it like manny machado third base like we are we just go a right again why are the mets knotted on that why are the mets not in all those conversations the metal because of the third with regard went right three years said matt taibbi ended up a third baseman since like david rights like second fuck incease they were had like good seasons navy that's it.

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