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She was speaking out on behalf of all women that are under these attacks all the time in public life and you know you mentioned governor Whitmer. You kind of expect a certain kind of attack against a woman in executive office. I think how Mike this traded. Jennifer Granholm certainly set an example for Mike Shirke and the way that he works with Gretchen Whitmer Mike Bishop was terrible to Jennifer Granholm even so much as like running from her when she tried to shake his hand. Just that was a bad relationship, but it's not just the big three in office. Look at how Sirkin. Rejected Anna middling appointment to the Natural Resources Commission saying now. We know there was stuff going on behind the scenes, but his statement on that was that she couldn't make tough decisions. Give me a break and there's a reason that senator. Grab ass thought it was okay to get off gross with Allison. Donahue Senator mcmorris Melissa Osborne because is because you know in something in your workplace is acceptable whether it's in the roles or not, you know when something is accepted, and when something is it and if you do something and assume you're not going to have consequences, it's because there's culture there. That says it's acceptable. And it isn't just words. While remember at the protests where there are people carrying Naked Barbie dolls that were supposed to represent Gretchen whitmer. Nobody would do that with a Kendall. Semi Rick Rick Snyder could should be that lucky actually comes pretty hunky. Will have the full speech by AO. See on our website. If you haven't seen it, it's really it's a very remarkable. You'd have to be a fan to appreciate what she said. I'm not her biggest supporter or big booster, but what she said in the way she behaved on the floor of the House of Representatives. I thought was quite remarkable resentment over the governor's use. Use of emergency powers. The health emergency has brought one right wing effort that has a chance of success, a petition drive to repeal the Emergency Powers Act even though the governor's performance has the support of the vast majority of Michigan voters, Republican seal way around the public will collect about four hundred and fifty thousand petition signatures and Jim a veto-proof bill through the legislature. Campaign Committee has been formed to fight that effort the keep Michigan Safe Committee one of the leaders of that group physician and former Republican Congressman Joe. Schwarz Dr Schwartz. What is your boat and try to get this petition overturned I of the courts, and if not in the court, so that the legislature doesn't pass it well, there are several one is a physician I think we have to be very very careful. And If we use Texas and California and Florida's examples, we know we have to be careful in opening things wide right now. The Cobra Virus is very infectious. It's ubiquitous now and we know the effect it can have one on people, especially senior citizens, and now we're seeing it because of some of the inability of some of our youngsters to save that you you really, it's a good idea to wear a mask and end the socially distance. We're seeing it in younger people as well. But this is a worldwide pandemic and I think in many ways because. A lot of Americans. Have never had to go through this before I mean. It's been a hundred years hundred two years since the last pandemic of any kind, really truly pandemic. They don't understand what we're going through. The consequences can be dire i. mean dire enough as it is so what I'm trying to say, come on, let's use our heads. We have the best science in the world. We will come up with ways to defeat this and we will. And I cannot define really, but we will ultimately come up with a vaccine. So let's not get out there and it'd be close to each other. Not Wear Masks. Do all of the things that the reputable? Public Health people epidemiologist. My religious are telling us not to do what they're telling. US is correct, and we should follow their lead as a fishing yourself. There's a perception that only old people are really at risk for this virus, but it would seem especially now what we're seeing in. Florida Texas California that it. Really it's all age groups that are at risk. Oh, yeah, all all age groups are at. At risk, it's just a matter of how it started and where it was introduced. I and of course we know that in the nursing home community there was a tremendous number of cases and fatalities early on in this, and there still are problems, but nothing like they used to be what we are now seeing is because of I think some some lack of of good epidemiological behavior. On the part of young people and you and I understand being young people because I was one. Yeah, once a long time ago, but I look at it and say I just could have been me. It was so many years ago. I might have been doing the same thing. They're exposing themselves because they're not socially distancing. Wearing masks there attending social events like the one in the in the bar up at at at East lansing or the Lake Nona and CASS county. Torch Lake up north the same, and they're not doing any of the things that they have been warned. About been told about time after time after time. And the outcome. In other words the increase in cases in that age group was foretold with that sort of behaviour. And now it's happening okay on the politics of this for this to become law. Basically they have to collect three hundred, forty, thousand plus valid signatures in a relatively short period of time because I want to get to the legislature this year. If this hangs over into next year that I'm sure the conservative Republicans that the at the State House may flip and they won't feel to get past. Even if they get into their in December. By then, should we have this under control as sort of like closing the barn door after the horses out? No then. I mean that's a conservation devoutly to be wished. That we haven't under control in December and perhaps we even have a vaccine by December. That's one thing you could hope for. And that's one thing You keep fighting, keep fighting, keep fighting, but the fact of the matter is for those of us who who take a realistic look at this. You just can't open up willy? Nilly, now you can't do it I would love to have everything open I like nothing more than going to my favorite bar and having a beer and a chili dog I can't do that now. Because I I. Don't man my age I simply don't want to expose myself to the virus, and and all of us equality to the virus. and. We have to think that way. We're not I mean some of us are, but enough of us are not and really got to get the whole. Get Ahold of the situation. It seems to that the long term implications of this really haven't been thought of very seriously because it's not just about this particular situation. This is about the next emergency too well, and there will be another emergency. It will be another emergency I mean. We saw something just last week in the news media. If you read, I would say deeply enough into some articles. There's another virus. It seems to be a rising China. And, who knows what it is and? How how infectious it is, but people should be should be aware of the fact. That especially in these these hugely popular countries like China and India, the chance that a viral disorder or bacterial disorder could come out of those countries. Is there every day?.

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