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To eighth embarrasment on kgon all right it is time for not the any real crazy headlines from around the world will be their real non serious this is not the onion now the satirical newspaper websites the n in these are real oh boy dave caroline you guys ready yet is readies will ever be we'll his first one i'm gonna make fun of so badly it's unbelievable uh first real headline from s f gate invasive twenty pound rodents increasingly burrowing into california i wa if you have announced it's the world's largest rodent it's called a new tria by the way there now serve there was a whole big deal down in louisiana few years ago of nutria recipe eased to try and deal with the 'cause they're runs they breathed like rodents even though they're twenty pounds in can be two and a half feet long with a twelve inched tale they've destroyed places like southern louisiana they originally from south america by the way guess where else you can see nutria caroline where at the san francisco zoo i applaud the renewed end of it no no no no no no one took my kid who are my quote there is the world's biggest will nope don't like it are you do tore through the fire swamp on the way to see them what about the iris his rodents of unusual size i don't think they exist i love that princess bride right yemen gore leprince's brice irish y yeah love the fair swap love that movie he does it i just do but yes exit here there is nutria only eat like grass and staff so they down there not unlike the fire swamp where they wanted to eat you dave specifically not manager the nutrient but they've been spotted stanislas moore said in fresno county and the san francisco zoo the good luck once they're out there there's no stopping him i'm sorry i i just gotta gotta tell ya it it's over it's over were done for the here's the good news if drought years are going to kill someone lost because they need a lot of water their water creatures the burrow in dikes levies road beds they destroy our infrastructure him our flood control systems to by the way oh speaking of flooding how 'bout this sad headline from s f gate for not the onion real headline couple cells all to seal the.

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