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The news with gene grad. Listen to my story. Is about britney spears. I wanted to let you guys know. I started watching this really fun. Series on net looks called this pop. And i think it's interesting. Did you see the stockholm syndrome. One about how all pop music comes out of sweden. No that was my favorite one. I mean they. I mean every pop. Every boy van britney spears backstreet boys in sings all of them. All those songs. Come out of sweden all the hits that you hit me baby one more time. All the big backstreet boys songs. It's really interesting. How sweden became the only place that anyone would go to produce these songs. And there's a boys to men one that's good. There's about festival music. It's really cool. So i mean the the poppy span of all time is ab. They abba is featured heavily in this show. They are i mean. They may be the populist. They have the most sort of pop sound. Yeah they were at least bjorn or one of them was in a cover band and then the beatles famous on their own songs and he was like oh we could make our own songs and then the three or the four of them got together and they did one of those euro not eurovision but like the euro concert and everyone always comes out in like ballgowns and always things a ballot and they come out looking like you know their jumpsuits almost like kiss doing waterloo. Which really like freaked. Everybody out in sweden was super embarrassed by them but the rest of the world embrace them. I saw doc on one of the album. Ladies can't think of what that doc was called but it was weird. I mean then they broke up then she got divorced and then whatever then at some point she married some younger guy. Who's using her that it didn't seem to have a super happy ending for her but but you sang all the songs. Come out of sweden and that they are written in sweden by swedish producers and produced by swedes. Like that is their export is american pop music and he realized like with abba they when they start singing an english they blew up and everybody speaks english over there and this guide. Dennis pop really was but dennis pop started this company and like produced every nineties pop to thousands pop. You can think of katy. Perry taylor's everybody. I wonder if maybe pop music is arguably the whitest of whole music. I mean countries pretty pretty hongqi town. But you can't discount motown man. I mean like pop music. It's another thinking about it. It's a little richard and at the founding fathers chuck berry domino. It's funny you should say. Wow i love motown but maybe we need the whitest people on the planet making the hobbyist music time i feel people here are two influenced by interesting by motown. That's really funny..

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