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People aren't even gonna. People are not even going to be able to explain Troy. Troy Aikman's gonna feel like Bradshaw does in about twenty years, Brad Schofield's now like a caretaker, not not a gunslinger a caretaker for a great franchise. That's what Aikman's gonna look like in twenty years when you start stacking up the stats and you realize that Troy Aikman in fact, you bet you guys can find someone funny in today's game that would represent Troy Aikman's career numbers because Steve Smith's are better than Michael. So Aikman had thirty two thousand nine hundred forty two career passing yards his his high for a seat. Season just to kind of highlight what Dan's talking about here is thirty four hundred forty five yards. That's his high for a season. Troy Aikman's considered one of the best quarterback to ever play football and he was over twenty touchdowns in a season. How many times once wasn't that twenty one time one time at twenty at exactly twenty not twenty one. Now he had twenty three one season. That's the only season he went over twenty. Think about that for a second one sixty five for his career. Troy. When we're gonna look back in like Bob greasy like Bob greasy, handing off are throwing the ball seven times a Super Bowl looking at Andy, Dalton career right now is a better completion percentage in Troy Aikman and he's already surpassed them and touchdowns. Mike, I'm telling you when I'm watching on Sundays the precision, I'm watching on Sundays the past, the Kirk cousins through to tie that game. In between two converging defenders on a double team, the precision that you're watching on Sundays. I'm, I think Mike. If I put a nineties football game on the television, if I feel like if I tell do you think I'm right about this. If I take even one of those guys like Dan fout and I put this game on television in the eighties or nineties that we're going to be looking at it and saying my God, these quarterbacks are so imprecise because we've gotten so used to these quarterbacks throwing into these absurd windows where six, seven guy you're throwing into his back shoulder. That's not. That's not how guys were covered forty years ago. You had guys running all over the field wide open. You can objectively look at these sets and say, Andy, Dalton is a better quarterback than Troy Aikman who's all Famer better? Touchdown interception ratio is already surpassed. Men touchdowns better completion percentage. What's just rings? Yes, it's rings. It's the Andy. Dalton has never wanna.

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