Mount Pleasant, Layton Avenue, Milwaukee discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Fi roofing in exteriors Way go beyond the call of duty. Some provide. Find out more at semper fi roofing dot com. Traffic and weather together on the tins Given Wells wrapping up Wednesday for Debbie Logica, How are the roads looking for wrapping up with a couple crashes? Gene? We're looking at 94 South Bond a mile beyond Wisconsin, 20 out near Mount Pleasant. The two left lanes are blocked. Looks like a pretty gnarly crash. Appears that one car is in between two of those lanes. So again, two left lanes are blocked on 94 south bound lanes out near the start of it, Mount Pleasant area getting closer to Milwaukee, looking at another crash on the ramp from the exit to I 94 East to 41 45 north bound. Again. That's out near the zoo interchange there. You're looking at a crash again. 94 eastbound headed on to 41 45 North found that is three vehicles involved. It appears one hit the median. Thea. Other two are off to the shoulder, but that that ramp Going to cause some backups. If you're going that direction, travel times right now. Eastern westbound 94 from market out to the zoo. Those air still seven minute rides in both directions. They're looking at 43 North found. That's been a nice ride this morning about four minutes up to Capitol Drive, 8.5. We're going up to good Hope Road again, looking at Layton Avenue up to downtown Milwaukee on 94 north bound. That's normal, seven minute ride with traffic and weather together on the tens. I'm Kevin Wells. Wtmj palatable. Com Time Saver Traffic WTMJ five Day forecast, sponsored by tobacco attorneys dot com. Social Security benefits the night Contact a bag for the paperback. Partly cloudy, breezy 42 today. PC skies again tonight with lower 25 Lakes that only 18 inland Opening day Thursday Sunny, windy 40, Friday Sunny 51 Saturday Morson 64 Easter Sunday will be sunny with a high of 60 downtown 70.

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