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I mean they're paying him top money and so Part of this may be that they wanna they wanna be able to feature him and when you rotate backs You know that that's that can get really tricky. I mean the the standard sort of phrases. We're gonna go with the hot back backs. A lot of times. They need carries to sorta get into the rhythm of the game. And if your intent on trying to get equal carey's or sufficient playing time for both backs that can be that can be tedious and laborious. I think so again. I think it's It's it's certainly within their right to do so. I think they have to go with the players that they want to go with my hope. Is that phillip. Lindsay gets a chance to To move on. I certainly think there'll be some team that will give him a contract and really value him. maybe san francisco that that that is bounced around arizona. That name is bounced around as well I don't think phillip. We'll have a hard time finding a place that he'll have a chance to continuous career and get significant playing time. The i think you hit the nail on the head those well cliff kingsbury offense but there's a familiarity vance. Joseph has has a strong voice there with the personnel steve and cliff. But i'll shanahan. Mike and matt lafleur both running. Kyle's version of offense right in new york and in green bay. Maybe they're looking for depth. Perhaps yeah i'm with you. I don't think he'll be out of work and probably get paid more than the two point one. So when you look at the four other big moves they make so. Let's skip the two second round tenders but bringing shelby back signing ronald darby on a three or thirty million dollar deal releasing cream jackson not picking up the one and a half million in the ten million overawe or picking up von seven and likely paying eighteen and a half which one surprised you the most of those four well. I didn't think they were just going to let von miller Walk away. I mean i just think it would be silly to let him walk away. I think you and i both have heard that. They wanted to try to renegotiate. That contract von Didn't want to do that. And i think that's listened. That's the players the players right. I mean contracts. People that don't understand the nfl talk about the contracts and when a player in the midst of four or five year deal wants to go back in after year to renegotiate a lot of people look at that and say wait a minute mean you sign a contract you should. You should honor that contract. I'm all about honoring contracts except in the nfl. That's not really how it's done and the contract is never heard from the club's standpoint. So as long as the teams have the right for instance to sign a five year deal and then unilaterally come in after your to say listen You're not playing as good a football. Is we think we think you should be playing. Therefore we're going to get rid of the they old player Anything years three four and five as long as that exists. Then i see nothing wrong with the player sort of drawing the line especially those and there are very few of those that get the opportunity to really leverage their situation. So i'm not mad at vaughn for for not really wanted to take a pay cut. I think the broncos did the right thing but pick picking up the option it. My hope is that von is is going to be healthy and He was healthy heading into camp last year but if he's healthy this year. Excuse me..

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