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Telling you even then on christmas holidays coming up soon i'll go up and and what was it like being in a room full of aboriginal men and women pretty scary really oh yes. She didn't feel like these these people's a pretty scary but at the same time i was very welcomed at the same time so when you get when you lift the pub whatever when you go back home to mrs murphy well alive. I jumped up on his doorstep and joy joy. My mom just found mum. I expected this year my joy nice such lap. She rendered the story out of me. My night in the fitzroy puppy recognizes the child but we're still ma pipe packet ripped open and third of it spent this riles are now now in she comes at me. Dies people will tell you anything yeah. I'm raising my hand and gonna hit. The fried in there is get to bitchy his people back it off now. She and i put my pajamas and settle down for the night when she calls me to the front door. A place place davey wagon parked in the drive and driven either to royal for juvenile offenders richard. I was awarded the state a child of the crowd around and would have been until i might aid and that woman i've called mum had done me unruly disobedient so for the first time i remember banging locked alone in a cell cry myself to sleep while how does that work. How could you be arrested. Incarcerated jialing offense saleh got locked up for that fits going into calling what fitch roy mixing up with other blackfellas on that finding my roots. What did you break. The assimilation probably simulation act is my dad. I am jialing offense for many of us who had endured the the homes and who filed out foster and adopted people <hes>. We're locked up in john. I saw the next day the law the diet and i it was the first becomes familiar series of incarcerations. If and when i get lit up the next morning there i say many of the other filed old brian or an always outta fellas that had filed a foster and adopted table. Check your foster mother. Mrs murphy she'd been and i suppose kind to you and healers card but she called the police to take you away right mahan what this was. This was a our so pissed off with her for not believing me. When are these were <hes> there was a spot was because i've found my real mom is over the years and <hes> yes yes and finally realized it was the end of a good thing if i were leveraging all boy <music> sean large moving away from her advocacy control and that and tending for himself you know i think i think all of us parents have that with their kids but we don't call the cops well. That's that's. Did you feel betrayed. Lait here. Yes yishai. Official felt very slide <hes> very really upset and when you go back to click my state bankbook so she didn't want you in the house anymore. If you didn't want me anymore i can't me but ironically hi boss krangar up and said where's my favorite beverage wicca always log levin when he came and vialed me out your boss poudrier me up put me in gentleman's residence in glen ferry and within walking spice evolve and where i worked and being independent still yet the at a year of becoming eighteen that i started to fend for myself started to think for ourself nobody really ordering me about <hes> never saw any song that any welfare board member ought to that i had to file to the welfare system and i didn't wanna have about to do with me anymore. China i have to this hill police and thawed out if i i am among and of course i got from the sergeant so yes jack are now your mom mm-hmm. She's living in here between on the river between mowlem swan hill and i said well. I intend to come up the next christmas. Holidays ray wakes off got from work and i told my boss i said well. I'll book you a flawed update jack <music> on a._b._c. radio. You're listening to conversations richard fidler podcast cast broadcast online <music> so you boss wanted you back and it was it was lovely to you and i love the work ethic. You loved all that eh. How were you introduced to a life of crime from as the rugby as a being delivered in declared phiri led me to where ole as young criminals take a life of ronald reagan by the time i arrived there offers in gentleman risen nearby and we used to meet up at zeke feels dance. Many of us would guy. The date was always on the side of looking at the gentleman's really i have. I do remember one fellow signed to me. Check you wanna do a big with me. What's a book. What what do you mean. What's her big break into shop in that burglary impressionable may i must have fancied in these nine was join singlish beautiful kid and i wanted to do his bidding pretty boy. He got <hes> up the cigarettes but he'd thrown the long machined directly through the front window and he landed straight into the arms of the decks waiting for half and by the tom i'll go to my residents the jackson him we're sitting on my i bid widening foaming so you've done for breaking and entering jianqing in jail debated child immediately sitcom. You've been in casseroles evident pantry. What'd jamaica patrons when you call. It is exciting to be in pentridge. Might you know a lot of other box. Hill boys boys where they wouldn't bayswater boys is where they gangster's many of them that so you need people already knew a lot of people they are. I walked him with ox blood. Petard shoes always aside and i've always as you know the well-spoken will ever you know fella who if you give him some major some trophy. He'll wrote letters for you. So out of prison you went back took the gloss factory again this boss center be really quite lovely with you and this was a random about the time you decided you would try and make contact with your mom who you heard was near swan hill okay. How did you do that well. I took my leave. I've said wealth hill meeting mom jack. Here's some extra money a bonus giving you a bonus track and all of that lot. He's a very nice man. I couldn't have done because you know. I did it because because of that happened and so i flew up swan him and <hes> landed dan that was wonderful. Fly in applying my best experience sobat we landed as one and there was the sajjan from swan hill police drive into swan hill took us around across the board of to the federal l'hotel and lifted around the back of the hotel r so old ladies little fella camp with like something out of of a slave quarters the deep south in america. I hear i'll arrange for a lift to take you to your mom jack jack jack. I suggest you buy a car no melvin bidder. Your mom likes to drink. Check where he's exactly all we will so i bought a cop. Melbourne bidder put it next to my property in my luggage and there was a couple of al four hours due to be picked up by this couple also gave to the swan. Ila basim awesome ever swim. I you know so across the board and walked up to twenty thousand that and i'm standing there and get money about to to pay and the woman said is on the swim day on kept money. You got the money and nine you swim here. You gotta go the the mary d nonplus by fist experience of country racism and that i was so struck dead the big fella behind on may we these kids pick up your son. Block me dad and get out of the way so what happened when this couple pick you up yep <hes> yes so he goes out to we know your mom lives. We know the property check show. We'll take you all away and so we go to the property. Where mom lives math then we drive along the driveway. I see a beautiful white house in the distance or that's north there and suddenly we veer off track into guttered track track and there's happy and twelve whippet dogs and two four prefix and there's my mom loitering towards me and and <hes> i i already auditing toward me. How'd you look to you when she was working or looked a little like manny lodger beautiful black hair we h over long time it's good to see your son remember unofficial of the first one taking and <hes> welcome to be realized that she did like the drink. They were a big hit up to me. I saw it under canvas roof. It was hard uh to get anything out of a head and realized this he was they're basically ostracized by the wrist of new south wales and victoria gloria ostracize that murder in the fifties. What was that modem. That modem was the payback law for this man's behavior towards the children. The women in black fella camp up in griffith's. She was the one to call the meeting. She was commonly called. Sajjan people still now her my mom as the sergeant was nick knight that was anyth- eight nine sergeant so she'd organize what some aboriginal law law payback against as manage behavior towards the women and children in the camp another men's women's and enforce that she was ostracized so this is on the on the <hes> on both societies that when we did going to pop up bank count money anima bank and that she would have a lot of arguments which some of the women in the black fella camp and she would get off at nato. How many kids did she have taken from her jack. Well lenin eleven to earth so all eleven kids were taken. She never got to raise any less she she got to raise <hes> as my even joe and arty until they were little lunch then tuygan sil- each and every one of us were taken and and the last one jennifer has taken shortly thereafter does that explain behavior explained why here behavior and and i somehow or another my diction modest set me apart but all night or never to be part of her life and did you hear the clarion her job or to look into the five surrounding bomblets and so i learned to drive a ford prefect utility yeah mom used to do it. <hes> i have a denial dama may now man and we charge with gallon to one of the properties around me boy to help keep the reverend population down. Remember ah five shillings. A pelted is so i had to learn breaker rabbits next so he spent some time there and live the life. I didn't go back to work telegram back to boston. I'm not coming back on gallon along the mario. I'm gonna do some work is see if i can do some jacker rowing. That did you mom because the drinking really got a alabama. I didn't like it that much so i went and worked on the property finley there was a real harsh life but i didn't like it on me but willing to have a bush off on average on i'd get to understand what it's like working alone amari and that like mandi and i'd like to bag egg showing with catching the night and the turtle aiding all that kind of stuff. It was a great experience. We are able to bond with your memo. She just too damaged image to the had been damaged by the whole system and it was impossible for us really to bond so that's why i did leave the router year i i went back to melbourne and others scattered by the new theater there so this is where your life and acting begins being discovered by the new theatre which i think was a leftist. The commonly called the pink theater in theater. Were you a marxist leninist. In those days. Jack nine kept so once you once you had touched at the spotlight as an actor on stage image. Did you lock attack all it all. It's every bit of it. Even the makeup like came in wanting to recruit to play african americans in lorraine hand sprays a raisin raisin in the sun and years later i had at the sidney poitier movie identity. I raised my hand and i followed runny no threat so you loved. Did you absolutely loved it. I loved it tim playing by bo and i couldn't try instantly so used to have a smoking tobacco backstage and put the smog under the highs and not be tearing tom. I got on stage and we did a lot of political cultural revues musicals and that and i oh i thought that this is where on the.

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