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And I wonder if there, I bet they are disappointed, not winning a bet. They are one in three the beer the Knicks happening coming up. Tomorrow's game against Sweden is the one the USA needs to win and we will ask Julie Foudy agrees and later that Instagram posts from Brett farve saying he's making a comeback, by the way, don't call it a comeback. Ted Leonsis should want Jere. Anybody should the moves? He made this year to win. Anybody should want. Big big game for team USA in the World, Cup's tomorrow. And not only we bring in Julie Foudy to talk about it. We're bringing in from France that we welcome to the program, and we start with this. I called tomorrow's game against Sweden a statement game both teams are into the next round. So how important, do you think it is for the United States to beat Sweden? Well, here's the thing. Tony remember even though the United States our World Cup champions in two thousand fifteen in two thousand sixteen they got knocked out of the Olympics and by Sweden in the quarterfinal the earliest the US has ever gone out, and they've been holding onto that for three years. So they may say yes, we don't need this game. And yes, a winner draw gets us through top of the group. But this is definitely to your point a statement game for them because they have had really a warm up. This is when the World Cup starts, and this is win. They're going to want to say. Here's what this. New team is all about Julie's following up on that. Why is specifically Sweden's such a tough match-up for the US in recent years? They are organized, Michael. They stay compact there. Good defensively, in the US team of old. I would argue was not great at breaking down compact organized defenses and that actually was the lesson. They learned from the two thousand sixteen Olympics, as they need more creative players. That's what the United States was thinking. And so they brought in rose Lavelle Lindsey Horon, Mallory Pugh, some young midfielders with with some pace. And with some technical abilities that are more creative, and this team has been transformed by that group because of that because of that loss, really to Sweden. Julie, the new goalkeeper because all of us remember hope solo and people like that. A listen Nair has only needed to make three routine saves in full games. Is this lack of workload something to be concerned about? It's a good question. Actually, you know the thing to listen air is she has never played in a World Cup before this one. She's been on a World Cup team before. But to your point Tony, she. She played behind hope solo. And so she had she has big shoes to fill. And I do think it would have been nice to get her a little bit more tested, but we've been watching training and I can tell you the keepers they have been running them alike. It's fitness and hitting balls at them. And that's because she's just not getting that in real game. So. It's the one question Mark on this national team on this team right now. Is that goalkeeping position it would have been nice if she got challenged a little more in those first two games for sure a Wilbur on and I used learned a new word yesterday? VAR. We don't exert it stands for, but a lot of. There's been a lot of controversy about the use of the VR, especially in France's win over Nigeria, how do players feel about this eye in the sky that is consulted so often. Oh man. I know that Nigeria game I the thing is the a little bit of back story to it is they had it in Russia for the men for the first time and then said, oh, we're probably not going to bring it in for the women's and a lot of players. And a lot of women were like wait what you've gotta bring it to the women's World Cup..

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