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With Randy Travis now, Mike you put up at a photo on Instagram. I believe it's now been put on Twitter multiple times by you as well. I saw you respond to a tweet this morning with this photo of you. Yes. In Randy Travis, and what is the story here? What happened? Okay. So this weekend. My girlfriend's best friend. Also named Caitlin actually was in town and best friend is name is also Caitlyn spelled with differently, but yes, confusing so Caitlin and Caitlyn and I were out on rainy streets Sunday drinking having a great time. A little daydream is nice game. We we went to several different bars. And at one point went to a bar called barn. Restaurant called bangers. Oh, yeah. I'm familiar. Yeah. It's huge now. I haven't been in while and they've expanded. It's fucking enormous shit. Yeah. Like, it's crazy. Anyway, we go to bangers they've got like two hundred beers on tap. It's wild a hotdog place. Yeah. And they have they make their own sausages sausage. Okay. Which are quite pricey. But the food is good. Anyway, we weren't eating. We're just having a beer we we're kind of doing the thing we have one drink at at five or six bars. That's what Rainey's perfect for you bounce around to budget in places. So we have we're we have a beer, and then as we're leaving were sort of walking around and the girls are walking out the wrong exit on my, hey, come this. Sway? And I notice a guy in wheelchair with a with a woman like sort of rubbing his back a woman and a very stylish hat. Okay. Sort of looks like it would be from Santa Fe kind of, you know, western southwestern south western. Yes. South western flair to it. And so my then I take like another look as we turn. I'm like, no, no come this way. Graham, they're like walking left on my grabbing were like, we're going this way. And I look back, and I'm like that's fucking Randy trips. Rainy Travis in a wheelchair. Randy Travis in wheelchair wising wheelchair. We'll get to that. Okay. So you recognize rainy. Hey, that's Randy Travis very famous very recognizable person. Like, for instance. I don't fuck about any drives or his music. But if I saw him I'd be like, why do I know that dude he is a super recognizable? Yes. And Randy Travis who hasn't had a hit song twenty year right twenty or thirty years. Probably his heyday was really like late eighties. I think. That's Randy Travis on rainy street was just there ran for real. That's weird. Like, why would he be here and he in wheelchair like the whole thing? That's strange, but Caitlyn's friend Caitlin Caitlin with a K. We'll call her. Okay. Immediately said Randy Travis was like, yes, he was my wedding song. Of course, the famous. Randy Travis song forever and ever. Amen. Oh, yeah. Probably the most well known for either that or picking up bones. Yeah. Okay. Which anyway, that's a whole nother discussion. Anyway, three crosses is the one that will last one that he kind of that was what a decade ago fifteen years to Faulk, he she actually go. And that I mean find out when forever ever Amen is. Okay. I saw early eighties eight nineteen eighty-seven the okay? So that's when he was like the height of his powers, anyway, she was like freaking out. And I was we didn't stop. We're like, let's just go. We went we had like two more bars to go to. So we go have a couple more drinks. And then we go over what I always do. This is a good tip for people visiting Austin going on rainy street, go to the hotel van Zandt and call your Uber from there because they have a driveway. If you just call an Uber from a random location on rainy street, it's hell the the street is like halfway shut down. And there's a million pedestrians and the guy won't he'll come becoming the wrong way. And it's just a nightmare. Oh, yeah. But if you walked to the hotel van Zandt, which is half. A block off rainy street said so. Yeah. You call Uber from there. They have a driveway. It's easy. It's the best place. So we did this and it was like your driver's three minutes away. So we sorta just sat down, and we're saying in the lounge were drunk at this point because we've been like six or seven dollars..

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