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Yeah, so like, you know, you just sort of try to find the freedom of mind. You kind of look out into the world and you've got to start to enjoy yourself talking and also, you know, not really mind that it's not being received anywhere necessarily. It was just like learning how to juggle. You know, when you get that third ball in here, you're like, I'm doing it. And I don't know how it happened, but that's how it happened. Out of the necessity. And so from there, you and Brendan just put this show together. And the podcast was brand new, the whole style was brand new. Well, yeah, a lot of people were kind of doing radio shows and we had at the beginning. We had segments. We had a couple of guests. They're trying a lot of different things. But once I moved to Los Angeles, I would generally do a ten to 15 minute monologue of some kind about myself. And then eventually it evolved into a long form interview. And Brendan's a genius. You know, so, you know, we are very specific about the audio nature of the podcast. We don't do video because there's a certain amount of crafting for the conversation that happens editorially. And, you know, and we just, he's very protective of me and this guy's been listening to me talk for 20 years. And I'm like, I wouldn't wish that on anybody. So, but our working relationship with 50 50 partners in this venture and we have been since the beginning and that's just, you know, he's as essential as I am and we have, we have a thing worked out. We don't fight, you know, we don't, you know, and I trust him implicitly with everything and that's the way it goes. That's great, man. That's great. And that's something that just happened out of nowhere as well. You know, just happened to meet you. Yeah, kinda, you know, I swear to God, I met him, he was like 24, 25 years old. And, you know, for years, you know, after we started the podcast, he was doing, you know, he was working at serious. He sort of moonlighting with the podcasting, doing it under the radar. He couldn't, I couldn't bring his name, you know, when I was being interviewed because he didn't want to get into trouble with his other job. And then I remember there was like, I guess there's probably about ten years ago now already where, you know, maybe 8 years ago, he's like, I'm going to come onto the podcast both times. It's just going to just do the podcast. I was like, hey, wait, man. You got a family. I got nothing to lose. You hear you want to don't be crazy, you know? This could all go down the toilet and it's just me, you know? I'm just going to lose my shitty out. But he was like, believe me, I did the research. I'm like, okay. Let's do it. So we've been exclusive on this. You know, it's been our, it's been our business for a long time. Successful. I just Googled it today. I mean, I know you spent many, many weeks, months. It probably years than the top ten top 20 podcast in the country, which is remarkable. We still do all right. Obama was at the house. We still do it right, you know, they do this big thing where it's called the Edison ranking, I guess, and it's really based on listenership. And we're still up there, man. We're still in the top. 22, 23. In 12 years in, that's not nothing. And considering there's a million podcasts. But he had the Obama thing was kind of mind-blowing, you know? Back then, I lived in a shitty little less than a 1000 ft² and that broken down garage where I started the show. And I remember we got his people reached out and they're like, you want to interview Obama. I'm like, what am I going to come to The White House? He's like, no, he wants to come to the garage. Are you kidding me? And when they first called you, did you think it was like a prank call? Or did you think it was serious? No, we knew it was serious because there was talk about Biden doing it when he was vice president. There was people within The White House that were fans of the show. And then I think what happened was in that last year of his presidency, they thought, well, let's get him out there, you know? 'cause the possibility of lame duck, you know, sort of happens at that point, you know, and the last year of your second term. But it became a very, yeah, so it was like, he wanted to get out there. And I think it was a way to bring attention in a unique way. And it certainly brought attention to the medium of podcast. And you know, I know what was going on that week. You know, it was a different type of interview than I was used to doing because we really we had a tight hour. We had, you know, I had to do questions. I couldn't wing it. There was stuff in the news that happened within the last few days of him coming to where we didn't even know if he was going to come. There was that horrendous shooting with that kid who shot all those people with that black church. Wow. If I had happened like that, yeah. Like a couple days before, and there was a lot of sort of stuff that had to happen that they had to come, the Secret Service had to come to secure the house to figure out how to secure the perimeter. I had to ask my neighbor. If it was okay to put snipers on his roof and he was very excited. He was retired. And like a year, the snipers are intense man. So the day of they put these two things, these isolated phone lines in my 1D at spare bedroom, these two boxes that are there for the entire global communication system breaks down that he's got to line out. And they were just humming in that room for two days before he got there. And I'm just thinking like, I hope we don't need to use those. You know? And you know, it was so funny because, you know, you had Secret Service about 12, 15 Secret Service, the cops. They had a tenth the driveway who had a walkway up from the road, had to get all the cars off the streets. And it's funny I was out on the deck with the Secret Service, guys. And I'm like, how am I going to know he's coming? We'll give you a heads up, 20 minute heads up. And then we saw the presidential helicopter. There's two ospreys, these two small planes that are all looking that travel with the helicopter. And they were going to land over at the rose bowl, which is ten minutes from my house. As opposed to stop up traffic in the entire city of Los Angeles to get there from Beverly Hills. I saw him in the air and I'm like, I guess he's coming. He's close. That's him. And then he is wild. He showed up and he'd been in the neighborhood before went to Occidental, which was really down the street. Yeah. Cool. So was he friendly? Was he nice? Was he loose with you? Totally. You know, because you kind of jacked up, you know? Everyone's just a person, you know? He just happens to be president. And it's a big deal, right? But when he showed up there's a bunch of people and, you know, he's like, is this going to be fun? He said, I'm like, I don't know. I hope so. And he was very disarming, very candid. I remember on the show, I asked him, I asked him, are you nervous about this? He said, if I was nervous about this, we'd all be in trouble. Is it funny guy? He is. He was very good. He was candid, you know, there was a lot of news made around the podcast because he said the N word in context and boy that lit everything up. I remember that. That lit everything up. I remember that. Yeah, because after that, we didn't expect that, but then I had a sort of insulate myself. You know, because everyone wants the reporters out in the street trying to get comment. I'm like, look man, it's all on the podcast. I did two interviews about it. I did a Chris Hayes and I did Terry gross. And that was another thing Brendan was like, Brendan was like, you know, we're not doing nothing. Don't talk to anybody. Talk to Chris. We'll talk to Terry gross. That's it. And I'm like, okay. No problem. So let's get on the line. Chris pays, MSNBC, Terry growth, and tingle. Those are the three interviews. What about him? Well, yeah, it was like in single. Right. No, no. I'll talk to you. But I'm just talking immediately following that because he's used that word and there was like all this click bait and craziness around it, both politically and otherwise, you know, the right wing was going nuts with it. You know, like, why can he use that word? But they were just looking for anything. So we just detached from all of it. And I thought, you know, Brendan handled that very well. But that's great, Mark. You know, one of the things I remember you're talking about moving away from, I know you did a lot of politics back in the day when you first started because it's in the front pages all the time. And we did a lot of commentary air America was clearly a political show. It was that was the whole purpose of it. That was the reason for trying

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