Crystal Palace, Gaza, Japan discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


At the top to fifteen points for winning one nil at newcastle last night arsenal are at crystal palace tonight and bus leo letter was fuming after his side were tonight what seems like a clay goldwyn ediborah tobby at hearts these scottish premiership match finished nilnil only shows spies tough shots looks have crossed the line but no goal was given secondplaced aberdeen were wonder what as i have a party coup dropped to the bottom of the table ranges beat motherwell two male and that was a big shock at the pdc while does championship last night is second seed peter bright crush talented brown two he lost four one two jamie lewis defending champion michael by go in gaza hardfought lost sixteen victory i would go with price will face dutchman brave and bata else in the quarterfinals what's the european sport that with richard men now coming up on daybreak europe brendan brown head of economic research at 'em ufg securities a joins us we'll discuss that japan a data and the boj among other things with him and take you look at the 10year jgb he'll that's really steady at zero point zero six percent study on the 10year bund yield as well meanwhile the 10year treasury yield of one basis point and a dolly yen was seeing dollar weakness against the yen generally marcus we are seeing some broad based on a weakness in today's session as declining against all h a g ten peers and this as we look ahead to the european equity market opened as well absolutely twenty minutes to go the futures are pointing sort of in a mixed the towards a mixed picture i should say you're stocks fifty futures off by almost two tenths of one percent the saint go for ducts teaches footsie100 featured meanwhile impulsive tired shoot this is about finding the love of your life the ultimate reconnaissance mission but you did it and you want.

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