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W coverage. Global information technology and communications giant NTT as signed a multi year deal to become the IndyCar series new title partner. NTT that's Nippon. Telegraph and telephone that's a multibillion dollar a year firm from Japan, obviously has been sponsorship nasties cars for quite a while. So there's a nice long IndyCar history to work from mention this last week as well multi race, lumber DO guessing legend, Mario Andretti saluted by the Indianapolis five hundred this may the fiftieth anniversary of his nineteen sixty nine win special logo and everything. What does Mary remember about that sixty nine win the Bronner hawk? Over-heating Tamba leave because really hot in the cosmic because we had to put an X Heredia right behind my seat. And because it didn't leading qualify that way. So we had to hide it. Oh, yeah. Chuckled. A chuckle about. Now, always worth noting Andretti won. Nascar's Daytona five hundred in sixty seven are centennial year two years before he won the Indianapolis five hundred kind of ironic so many teams have been testing it Seabourn candidate James Hinchcliffe on the Schmidt Peterson bunch laying down the quickest initial clock. And that's a good sign. Their season starts March ten at Saint, Pete, Florida. Well, the also unveiled their new livery both cars golden black aero electronics. You see the main sponsor now and lovely to see Robert wiccans included in the launch alongside Hinchcliffe and Ericsson Formula one. You know, I'm not exactly sure what we read into all of this Forbes dot com, claiming F one revise their attendance, total showing the government supported 2017 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal in TSN. Six ninety coverage allegedly had around one hundred and eighty thousand fewer fans than reported initial total said who provide a promoter, the GP at cer- quesion of attracted three hundred sixty thousand however last month, f one apparently issued this latest attendance review revealed it had reduced the 2017 crowd. In Montreal to less than one hundred eighty thousand quoting to give more accurate figures. End of quote to what end though, that's the question attendances candidate different ways. Actual ticket sales on the number of times the turnstiles click the entire weekend. Of course that includes fans entering and re entering we will, of course, keep an eye on this for you NASCAR. How sad we've lost Sheedy Gibbs. Some of pro football hall of Famer coach Joe Gibbs and co founder of Joe Gibbs racing CD died last week losing a four year battle with a degenerative neurological disease. He was only forty nine among as many achievements gave Denny Hamlin his shot in NASCAR. We're gonna miss him. Godspeed GD Gibbs drag racing. I'm sorry up. I'm little eight with this year Bruce teed up gala with Bob Roberts in back in the fall forgot to mention though, the man considered to be the media face voice. Canadian drag racing Bruce Bigler inducted into the Canadian drag racing hall of fame at their.

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