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Twelve innate twelve innate in fighting oh well i hit by my younger corner a kind of heresy but uh uh buy orders he likes it but he's a stroke baseball player it it's pure gold our where he could prove it either i say stickel baseball you'd like to wake up money but uh uh they they love it they the joy it but uh i wanted to kind of on top of they go towards friday of course i support him but i do their start the little baseball football you know postwar players uh what one moment that was sort of subtle but i i thought it was really nice was lindane away gave me the trophy and he said jesse taylor congrats on finally becoming the ultimate fighter um and you have a history obviously he had to tell you you are off the finale i'm wondering is did you do you guys talk backstage before the fight after the fighting if so what was that alike we hear talk put on the show early show as much i actually after the semifinal by i'll superclubs route try to like it let me go talk wanted to go talk to data so they sort real quick but actually the talk to over with bagger you know and who said i had read a lot and uh you i couldn't do it to a silicon and i could have the kind of lost style that after all these years uh either gave you got all i can be thankful boarded is jeff wagner of the live the latter owes retired floresca capital to use cool record guy after all these years we are forced herbie while that is nice i like that very much it's great to hear that um when you want to come back.

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