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Don't mean like you know. Hang them. I'm done with it. I've seen everything someone ECHINACEA everything. But how many movies have you stopped and you know you started and then stopped? I should say in the old days when you rented a movie. You're like oh I to rely on this thing so I might as well just watch it. Now it's like you're literally two minutes in your. I can't do it. The movie develop yet. It's like I got nine other than the Q. They all look just as bad. We'll get shot all right. We got a guy coming up next. Zack Zack Meisel the fabulous marvelous. Mrs Meisel I won't call them that. But he's got a book about the Cleveland. Indians of ninety five got questions about the trees. I've also Jim Rooney. He owns the steelers by himself. Well he's part of the family that owns. I might have been a little bit exaggerating. But he's written a book his Dad. Dan Rooney remember the Rooney rule. That whole thing. Oh yeah they got Mike Tomlin. Ironically big shout out to the troops listening on American Forces Radio Network as well. Let's talk sports at one. Eight hundred eight seven eight play. I'm Rick Tuttle in a second at twenty eight. I'd struggled with opiate and Meth Addiction. For twelve years I didn't said things that the sober me never would have done one day. I realized I was not invincible. Was Not exempt. And that's when a friend told me about elite Rehab placement. They gave me the tools I needed to get sober and took was the one phone call..

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