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R. we got a lot to get through today will go over everything you need to know will straighten out some of those are fake narratives that are out there will tell you what's opening what's going to happen the latest everything I'm at home Joe Bartlett in the South Carolina of all places is it south or north no itself okay I remember it still had one not the Andy Griffith show one that's right yes South Carolina Hey I got so much email people was so jealous of you you said yesterday that you went to a restaurant yes opening a restaurant you can eat outside I got so much email to work just it is if you won the lottery got a billion dollars to keep believe you're able to eat in a restaurant you know yesterday I posted on Instagram too I'd picture me at the beach and said I love living in a blue state what so if it's an outdoor restaurant the space the tables apart you can eat there yes what about a menu today do you touch the menu and then it goes to somebody else later no no no it's it's just a piece of paper it's like a copy of the and they throw it away as soon as you're done with it and then it's disposable right well and then yeah so that's what's going to happen the talking about the the first thing we will re open you'll start to see re opening may fifteenth around here in a week or two you'll start to see something like it did you hear Cuomo yesterday I sent it to him anymore we're re opening without a the public is going to be re opening may fifteenth whether he's on board or not but even in Connecticut they're talking about certain things you know certain you know I I notice this past weekend the re opening already began I saw Verizon stores were open as a people's customers sitting in the stores talking to sales people stuff is re opening so the restaurants will go last but the first round of restaurant re opening will be the outdoor places the conspiracy the tables out in around the country stuff is re opening that also precious corn we've got sixty eight Macy's a re opening Starbucks is opening I think ninety percent of their stores Simon malls that's the big mall company they have Russell field Walt Whitman short hills Westchester mall lot of big malls I'm not around here but around the country the re opening well I think fifty malls are a hundred malls as we speak a lot of stuff is opening what they do is they just limit the number of people that can come in it's that simple you can it can be done just kicked out you can't go out yeah then you gotta remember this Cuomo a model of milk this for all it's worth like everybody down and don't give a blank about the anybody's job just like everybody down and ruin everybody's lives this model is not working this is not being done around the country so it's going to catch up with him at some point now when you re open things will be a little different that the first of all the supermarkets are busier than anything right now hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people in and out of every supermarket every day and there's no outbreaks there what did you wear the mask stay six feet apart are careful that you're not good enough to be a problem see if you're right you could do that in every store now the Simon malls they're coming up but like the food court it's it's just like you said a big table spaced apart everything is disposable the silverware the plate everything's gonna be disposable the only problem in the mall the gonna have those eros like which way you can walk yeah sorry about what could be the two other in the clothing stores now here's the problem let's see the fitting room you try something on or you pick up a person to look at it you're holding it and putting it out well anything that's tried on or looked at by anybody is going to be sequestered for like a day or two it's going to go into a special room will be sequestered to all the germs are office and then it'll be brought back out however the problem is you can try on something and that size it's gonna be gone for a day or two how you gonna as anybody else going to get it so the it'll be a it'll reopen that governor Cuomo has made himself into quite the superstar but if you look through the history of this this trajectory he is on usually has a bad ending he's quite the hero to the left they love his very theatrical grandstanding briefings but destroying people's lives by the tens of millions this is a bad thing to do you just said Scott stringer said twenty five percent in New York will be out of work one in five new Yorkers will lose their job yeah twenty percent that's the end of the York I mean you can you you can't do that you're gonna have to start opening stuff up this is it a lot of these fake narratives that the fake news starts all the time and it only increases in a crisis you know what I like when president trump came along the fake narrative was he doesn't read he can't read it doesn't read doesn't read the bright well anybody that knows him we've been around us this is only does all day is a read okay any picture of his desk and trump tower to million reports and briefings and documents that's all it does is read you can tell when you walk in was house where he was sitting just look for the pilot reports and papers and documents this is only does is read they did that would push to remember we have a read he doesn't read he doesn't it's totally fake narratives so the the one they've come up with now there was a bunch of them but when they keep using now he shows no empathy for the dead he doesn't show any empathy I by this the zip gun New York times CNN the whole crowd Emmerson bill bill run this fake narrative told everybody is parenting it they're just repeating it like little parity chose liberty for that one you could go through all the briefings cut together a montage of whenever it comes up and he talks about how much it hurts somehow he can't sleep at night the dead the families are thinks about it but when he talks about it it's for about twenty seconds which is normal that's what you're supposed to do he doesn't do what governor Cuomo does which is turn that little section into a theatrical performance Cuomo when it comes to the death number he does five minutes on this and how awful this is he looks like he's going to cry he fights back the tears.

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