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The match was week I think Look birch actually hit the spike. Ddt for the pin The other tag team champion so they should be winning the tag matches on exte- let's just be honest Then we had cameron. Grimes took three tries to figure out how to be a modern day. Wbz causing the reach the recently rich off stocks in venture venture to blow thousands of dollars in the process. What could you remember. Because i saw some blurb see now which i'm okay with but what happened is because that was a blurb for me and then he spending money on the grill vs on three thousand popout is. He's grabbing I i'm confused here next next week. We're getting yoshua ryan. Tony storm for the championship What happened was number. Match ramona leah. Yeah no mother person who like doesn't see anything anymore not anymore. She died in my opinion. Like not like it's over. It's over johnny right. I'm just not over eight am overweight. I'm over and over with her. Just can't believe it And then we had the women's tag team championship match. Last thing i've annexed. He'll talk about this week. It was nyah jackson. Shayna baszler versus dakota raquel gonzalez. Adam pearce came in the mix this match supposed the highlight was to prove who's the baddest bitches. That's what they were saying. Like okay Of course jackson saying taint. But how do you enjoy. The match did Gonzales shine had to quote a kite because this is kind of their first match with main roster has always rock hill. plays a rock hill and nio A nynex plays a nine the nigerian role. But it's still a thing to wear unless they find a way to make this A substance kind of continuous kind of story. Not i don't care and they're really rumor getting really making that woman tax title. Look like shit. Oh guess what may room right now is that they're mcrae exte- ten women's tag team titles okay if these belts don't work you think these are gonna work. Yeah well yeah like. I was gonna say you're who tagger. No the women's tags are these belts are failures anyway..

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