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Year and he mac health insurance plan travel discounts and benefits amac is a million members strong and groin including the great elderski has always a map represents your values not the liberal values of philosophy and schumer so join amac dot us that's amac dot us i got a very interesting call from someone who wanted to know more about vouchers and i'm gonna talk to you about that at the top of the hour triple eight nine seven one s a g also oscar robertson the nba great hall of famer when the greatest basketball players ever i still think he's underrated he is upset with white athletes not kneeling in support of the cause of injustice in the streets as he puts it we'll talk about that later on as well but i patrick if in orlando florida patrick you're on the larry elder show hey larry great to be speaking with you how you doing i'm doing great thank you great will larry i just wanted to comment and first off let you know that the democrats have encouraged me to legally changed my name to mr deplorable my second comment is i'm currently dating a wacko who she herself tells me okay that because she thinks more like a conservative she has had other black people tell her that she is not black enough patrick you know the same thing with one set about obama obama ran against a man named bobby rush who still in the house bobby rushed used to be a black panther and brock obama thought he was irresponsible over the top maxine waters type and so brought bomber thought he would run against this guy and get the nomination from him because brock obama's more sensible this guy's over the top he's a screen where he's a yeller obama got his butt kicked and this guy called him basically acting white he said he was in the elitist guy who went to harvard he taught at university of chicago he's not a real black person to the point where patrick after obama lost that race he redesigned his senate seat to make it more affluent more jewish less poor unless black so i think it interesting that somebody would call your girlfriend not black enough when it was once said about obama and obama's down with brothers but by people love them some obama the point is obama was once called that it's well obama also said that there are a number of ways to be black and there's no one right one way of being black people you can for him saying that patrick thank you very much for.

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