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Now hold on the helm. Is it five time Maria leave supporters of President Trump's spending today marching through Washington. But it took the mile and a half walk from Freedom Plaza, which is just by the White House. All the way around here towards the capital of the court will now they're all headed back towards Freedom Plaza. That's a good mile and a half walk here, so plenty of chanting and cheering and walking here today for these Trump supporters filing down here Constitution to Pennsylvania Avenue protesters started gathering this morning. The president drove by On his way to go play golf this afternoon. This Trump rally is the product of several groups in Hashtags like women for Trump Million Maga March and Stop the Steel bringing supporters We've spoken to from D. C here to Florida, Georgia, Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, really all across the country were chanting four more years. Use a stop the steel holding signs to count every vote. Fosse's Richardson, You can see video of today's event at double drama l dot com. Meanwhile, in Georgia state officials partaking in a recount of the election. They are putting human hands and human eyes on every single ballot. This is an audit to verify the accuracy of the original Elektronik count done by Georgia's new voting machines. President Trump Tweeted earlier his displeasure with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffles Burger, whom he endorsed two years ago because this retaliate does not include signature verification of the ballots. But state elections officials explain Once a ballot is accepted and cast, it becomes anonymous. The numbers produced by this hand tally will become the state's final certified result in the presidential election on Lee. It does not affect Georges to U. S. Senate races in which incumbents Kelly Leffler and David Perdue are heading into January 5th run offs against Democratic challengers. Boxes. Jonathan Serrie, Maryland, hitting a covert 19 milestone. The last 24 hours, Maryland saw its largest daily, increasing hope in 19 cases ever more than 2323. People have died from the virus. In the last day, the statewide positivity rate continues to INGE up. It's now about 6% hospitalizations have gone up a whopping 120% in the last month, Governor Larry Hogan's urging you to keep taking precautions, he says. The state's ability Toe. Whether the false surge and keep hospitals from overflowing depends on each of us taking personal responsibility. Heather Curtis found. W M A l N w e mail dot com Here's.

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