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This news service of austin clinic for men re austin police officers have been indicted by the travis county grand jury the charges range from aggravated perjury to official oppression apd chief prime manley says officers robert theft donald patrol and nathaniel stallings have all been suspended without pay lawyers for the two indicted after using a taser on a man at a scene of a shooting say their clients actions were necessary appropriate and consistent with apd training a video of a deer being trapped in lakeway sparks new controversy as opponents demand change let's definitely not a new debate for lakeway but the new video is causing a lot of outrage from animal rights groups really cross the president of citizen advocates for animal says the process of netting and euthanizing is inhumane come just an annual thing for them to do without any scientific evidence that it's necessary it is also a billboard at six twenty and lomb spur fighting against these methods protesters have started coming to city hall the city itself says this is the only viable option adding that it's also been approved by the texas parks and wildlife department patrick osborne newsradio lbj and austin coffee startup is of the darling of south by southwest brigo coffee has their robotic coffee drink making machines at major austin employers and soon we'll be at austin's airport rigo founder charles stuart says they do more than just supply the machine with their own coffee blend and everything else they're athletes you order exactly what you want to drink it's beyond just robots and copies it's about connecting people back towards it so people i connect to the farmer britos coffee machine even puts a lid on the drink the first non human copy vending system to do so jays radar wet looking at hilbert jason traffic watch traffic still heavy delays on thirty five both directions through downtown and reported wreck on thirty five northbound near wells branch parkway continues to slow down on moped and one eighty three now looking at radar weather watch we'll see cloudy tonight lows sixty four tomorrow morning clouds then some answering and sunshine and very warm high eightyeight breaking the record of eighty five mostly cloudy tomorrow night low sixtytwo clouds and occasional sunshine on saturday and still very warm shower thunderstorm it's sponsored the i eighty six the weather center i'm bob larson this segment brought to you by a rs rescue rooter rescue drains causing you pain go with the flow and call a r s drink cleaning services now just eighty nine dollars backed by our clear for a year guarantee call seven seven seven seven.

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