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Heat. Take a commanding 31. Siri's lied. Tyler hero was the hero last night with 37 points and you think about this tomb? We talk about rookies this year in the MBA. What's been the chatter? Zion Williamson, John Moran job? Moran, Zion Williamson and John Moran did win the rookie of the year. We know that John Moran is a very special young player, and unfortunately for the genie played for Memphis. That was a team that lost Jaren Jackson Jr. They got into that playing game. They lost the Portland and we eventually got to see Portland go up against the Lakers. It was a very good, though rookie year for John Moran, and that's a building block for the future and just a tremendous story out of Murray State and getting very like under recruited And it was his one of the assistant coaches on that Murray State staff was going to find a bag of potato chips because he was hungry, and it wasn't on the main circuit. So he went to a different court. And he saw this guy John Moran e called Matt McMahon, the coach Murray State and said, You've got to get down here. We found something. We got to go sign this kid, John Moran and then John Moran remain loyal to Murray State because other schools eventually did come calling late in the process, and he said, No, I'm going to stay with the Murray State race or so you got John Moran. Then you got Zion Williamson and Zion. We know he didn't play enough this year, but he made such an impact. A only played 19 games before the shutdown. I know when the MBA started back up, he barely played in the restart, had to leave because of a personal matter came back. Then they managed his minutes. I thought it was a poor job by the New Orleans pelicans. They should have let him play longer in the game, and Alvin Gentry is now out of a job. Then we'll have to wait and see who ends up coaching the pelicans. For the next season. But when we get through the rookie conversation, if you would have told me that a rookie was dominating in the playoffs, I would And if you would've told me this 34 months ago, when we were right in the start of a pandemic, and we don't have basketball back over to said, Wow, the pelicans went on a run or wow job. Moran went on the run, and I would have thought, even even if you told me that it was a rookie. Can't be John Moran. It can't be Zion Williamson because at best, they would have been an eight seed either of those teams and they weren't taken down the great LeBron James and the great Anthony Davis in the in the first round the playoffs and to sit here now in the Eastern Conference in Western Conference finals and in the West, Michael Porter Jr. Who is a young player in this league, not a rookie, but a young player in the league. He needs to come up big for Denver, who, as Ah young player in Jamal Murray is playing very well may see what Nicole Yokich is doing. You look at the Lakers. We all know the bread and butter is the broad in a day and you see the Celtics, their young players, and I know Jason Tatum's in your three. And Jalen Brown is in your four. They haven't shown up in the final moments. And, yes, Tatum's a heck of a player. Yes, Brown is a heck of a player Last night. It was really You know, the opposite kind of of a Boston is was last night because for so many times the place we've seen Boston Goa big and then blow a lead and then find themselves in trouble. Last night, you had a Boston team. I had to come back. You know they were down and Jason Tatum at one point think it zero points in the first half, and then he exploded in the second half. There's just something where you can't get four quarters out of this basketball team consistently and let's not sugarcoat this. This a missed opportunity for Boston. This a big time missed opportunity, and I know what Brad Stevens I've been to the conference finals now. This is their third time. I know what Tatum there. They've been to the conference finals. This is now their second time, so I'm not totally down on the Celtics. Oh, my goodness Gracious. They're not going to be a good team for years and years to come because I do think they're going to be in the mix when you have Tatum just wrapping up his third year in the league you got Jalen Brown is just wrapping up his fourth year in the league. Campbell Walker is in your number one with the Boston Celtics. They got a good squad. This opportunity, though it's a missed opportunity is elastic tons of these two conference finals. You run up against the cast with LeBron. You knew, even though they took LeBron to a seven game one of those years and another time they lost for one. You knew you didn't have a shot. Really? In that Siri's This was the Siri's where you were the favorite to go to the finals. And the only team that was probably in your way before the postseason started with Milwaukee and Milwaukee. You never had to beat them. As this team Miami took down Milwaukee. So let's be fair here. Yes, I do Think Boston has a nice future tto lose to this heat team, which is a team that does not have a great roster, but they just find a way to get the most out of there, guys. And their best players, Jimmy Butler, Toe lose to Miami and I don't think the Celtics air coming back here. I just don't see it. It's it's It's embarrassing. It's disappointing that there is no doubt about it. If you're a Celtics fan, you should be living with this. Even though you could also probably walk away and say Yes, we miss this opportunity. It does not mean though, that the future just totally evaporates, but it's gonna be tough for next year. Cause you have Milwaukee right back in the picture. People are gonna want to join Miami in this offseason. Maybe Philadelphia gets her act together. Tough to count on them. Toronto is going to be right back in the mix. And, Oh, yeah, By the way, you got this team from Brooklyn that's coming. As long as Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving can stay healthy. It's just it's wild, though, when you start to get towards the end of the season. And you see how storylines and narratives change from a year ago to now. Because if we want to look back at last year Everyone must own bouquets at Coe Leonard. And the year pride or that people were saying how childless Kawai is acting how this has become such a bad story. He wants to get away from Gregg Popovich. What is he doing? This is a bad career decision. This is a bad move on his part and what happened last year? Your eyeliner people were saying usurped the throne of LeBron James when he wanted finals MVP and a championship in Toronto. Now, you fast forward to this year. People go first time big pressure moment when they're expected to win because they weren't expected to win with your aunt. They weren't expected to win when Cho why was not even the guy when he won the finals MVP with the Spurs. He's finally the guy on the team going into the season. Where you think should be a championship team. I must have you asked Paul, Georgia, I guess doesn't believe in championship or bus and Kel..

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