Pennsylvania, Steve, White House discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Right i had nothing on that i know associate editor for the washington post david ignatius who really does regret being here thank you thank you and pulitzer prize winning historian jon meacham there we go he can explain the fish seed and give us some boring perspective on everything oh okay so just how chaotic was yesterday john talk john you know no no no no no i wanna i wanna practice discipline to try to keep meco awake on it go john tyler john tyler once very important about just fell asleep okay let me give you the list and then you can give us the perspective i president trump fires his secretary of state on twitter then that's just stop right there for a moment and pause then he fires one of rex tillerson's top staffers who called the white house story into question after that we learned that one of the president's closest aides who reportedly is under investigation for serious financial crimes was escorted off the white house grounds but he quickly landed a new gig with the president's reelection campaign halfway house and the news we just reported moments ago isn't going to give the white house much of a lift this morning a democrat is now the apparent winner of that special election in pennsylvania where republicans have held power for fifteen years he's been up all night following western pennsylvania special congressional election and steve what a shock i mean this is a district republicans won by thirty six points in two thousand ten one by twenty eight points in two thousand twelve unopposed fourteen and sixteen this is about as deep red as it gets donald trump won by twenty points just eighteen months ago but you have some pretty surprising news yeah i mean look we are declaring connor lamb the democrat the apparent winner here in the eighteenth district of pennsylvania we can get into that wording in just a second exactly why it's put that way but basically what you're sitting at looking here looking at here is a six hundred and forty one vote margin currently four lamb.

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