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He's like this is what we call the mandola effect the mandela so all educate you later gave that joke meets crutches is let's just move onto lalas room see before lalas jack's makes ridiculous speech speech toast is not ridiculous in and of itself it's just ridiculous in the context of this show he's like some ships are made of wood some ships are made of steel the only ships that last our friendships i was like all these ships thinking i'm sorry yes you've wrecked every ship on this show the only reason they're still in the ocean is because they got fillers he put the dick in moby dick except he's the one that nobody chases in the ocean it's chasing them call me moby dick did take what's his benzes leg that's why the captain kept a had kept following him through because moby took his leg and the captain ahab israel upset don't forget i saw the opera movies jackson's moby dick than whose captain ahab it's probably saas james is james his leg got broken from bullying that way we can afford that way we keep we eat will actually i really think really captain ahab could be any of the women on random pump rules they're all out for revenge on jack's they are except that a hab is the one that's chasing the whale well that's kind of like sheena she seems to be the most vengeful at the moment so i kind of feel like captain hab maybe sheena and i think her leg is her smile jack stuck my smile away.

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