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Side that I'm seeing a little more trouble on the outbound side of the Gulf freeway right around waist side until you're already in the office windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center well the website is spring time taking over the Texas forecast here's some squash dashed under storms this afternoon mainly to the northwest Houston to see some of those rainfall totals from the storms yesterday northeast of San Antonio some places at over nine inch rainfall totals eighty five this afternoon seventy four tonight and increasing storm chances Thursday Friday with upper eighties heavy rainfall and thunderstorms this weekend Saturday Sunday inch and a half plus rainfall totals common this weekend I'm meteorologist Scott Lori Moore at the weather channel it's eighty six degrees at the KTR H. keep cool with a R. S. twenty four hour weather center it's twelve thirty one our top story the city of Houston rental assistance website is closed the fifteen million dollars the Baker Ripley covert nineteen rental assistance program offered to help with April and may payments ran out in less than ninety minutes landlords had applied last week today at ten AM was the first time renters could begin signing up the coffers ran dry by eleven twenty five the money came from the cares program nearly twenty seven million Americans lost their employer based health insurance plans because a pandemic related layoffs Kaiser family foundation said in today's report that many of those people will be eligible for Medicaid however the report says five point seven million will either have to pay through cobra or go without during health crisis more than thirty three million people filed first time claims for unemployment since businesses began shutting down a bit March Wall Street investors are feeling bearish after federal reserve chair Jerome Powell issued a dire warning about the economy pal said the outbreak could lead to a prolonged recession and weak recovery the Dow Jones industrial which is down now about four hundred and eighty seven the Senate commerce committee is examining broadband internet access capabilities during the corona virus pandemic speaking on Capitol Hill chairman Roger wicker said more Americans are relying on their internet connections during this time and enhancing security is a top priority of the committee news on demand a KT R. H. dot com I'm Y. goals be with newsradio seven forty KTRE H. right now there is a lot to consider when selling a home home equity is high housing inventory is down and interest rates are at an all time low but will the uncertainty of current.

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