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First responders who jumped into action earlier. I'm not Christmas Morning last Christmas morning. Their bravery and cool headedness likely saved lives and prevented the worst. How to come and way are eternally grateful that law enforcement agencies and I was always so I backed the blue. Back the the the blue who are upstanding and who would want to be a cop in this day and age. Quite frankly, I'll give you that. But the majority of cops out there good folk, and I certainly appreciate it is what you do. I also think you gotta call e, uh, call it out when right is right and wrong is wrong. But with Joe Biden, I'm not sure if he knows if it's Tuesday or chocolate, but that's a different story altogether can is in Dallas. He's been waiting patiently on the line now for a very long time. I appreciate it. Can Dr Fauci kind of get your get your wild of the collar? Right. Right, Brad. I've been thinking about this question and heaven and have not had an answer since the middle of the year and about Dr fell Tan and the way they're coronavirus, and I'll try to make this pretty quick went down for me was The MBA. First hate. The games were all sudden canceled. Major League Baseball's coming up in April. We're gonna push it back to may and then that flat did not happen. And then Dr Fell C. What I can't understand is how is it that we gave it to one person? To become the sole spokesman for covert 19 and the words I hear follow the science and it's always a message of fear. And I would have thought that there would have been a panel of wise men and women from Big and small business sports, medical Infectious disease economics That would have kind of a combined message. Would that would address all the issues that we have? But you mean you mean you mean people outside of government who actually have to deal on a day to day basis with running a business making a profit dealing with the general public? That sort of thing? You mean a panel of people with common sense? Is that what you're suggesting? Yes, That's what I'm suggest. How How dare you throw common sense into this, uh, this discussion and that's the problem with with with Dr Fauci up there at the National Institute of Health and Infectious Diseases. He's been around for a very, very long time up there and makes quite a nice chunk of change. The last time I checked I think his salary was somewhere in the three hundreds. I may be wrong, and it may be more maybe a little bit less. But you know as well as I do that Dr Fauci did not skip a paycheck. Neither did anybody else in the government. They all got paid as the rest of us were forced into lockdowns well, and let's be fair. Originally, it was two weeks to flatten the curve. Remember those good old days? Yes, I remember was due weeks to fly and liquor. And here we are. What going on The 9 10 months later. So what? Make him what makes him the the expert. I think it was a combination of you had Donald Trump as a as a first time president up there. You had this unprecedented What appeared to be event in in in China, which I'm still not sure we have the full story on everything that's going on because I spoke earlier in the program today about the original video coming out of Wuhan. With people following down on the ground on the sidewalks and then having to be carried off etcetera and then literally bulldozing roads in and out of the city. So I don't know. I I I feel like we have not still been told the full truth about any of this, And that's why they keep it so close to the vest. Because if you had had this panel of Businessmen and women who were in the private sector. Who were going to advise the president, you know on when, when, when it was suggested that we closed down the economy of the country, the people with common sense and actually, some skin in the game would've said Whoa. Hang on. This is gonna cause massive economic disruption. And I don't think it would have happened. Therefore, I think and you have to believe that there are enough people within the government confines who absolutely despise Donald Trump. And I know this sounds conspiracy theorist. But I think that we've seen that there are enough people in government and elsewhere who despised the man that that made it easy for them for them to Tonto. Keep all those cards close to the vest and use Dr Fauci as the expert as the head of the National Institutes of Health and Infectious Diseases, or whatever the name of the agency that he is in charge of because Lord knows we need another monumental government agency. Do you think it would have been different Had we got in the business owners and the general public involved? Yes. Yeah, I do. I really do. Ah, I also saw. I think he was I don't know, camera, medical doctor or or infectious disease Doctor And maybe about she's infectious disease, saying that he early on saying he would have never shut things down. Okay. This guy seems pretty intelligent. I don't know who he was. I can't remember. But I thought that took good person have on this panel before you make the decisions. I've actually thought that somewhere online bouncy would have said You know what? You're not going to put all this on me. I need some other people. T help me through this unless he's Very full of themselves, or they put him in the corner. I don't let's see here. Hold on. I think I have the right bell for that, And that would be it. I think Dr Anthony Fauci is quite full of himself quite enjoys being there at the forefront, has made himself available for all of these interviews. I'm not suggesting that he had the underwent the surgery for the nodule on his vocal cords. Because he was doing so many interviews, but it was awfully coincidental. S so I'm not going to suggest that he did that as a form of vanity. It may have been absolutely medically medically necessary. But since everybody else up there decides to pontificate on what people shouldn't shouldn't be doing. I think I have that right as well. But no. Can I completely agree with you? And thank you for the phone call. The reason the doctor Fauci has been the expert in all of this is because He happened to be in the right position when a president who the first time facing any of this stuff had to look to those around him. For those who think that Donald Trump is a dictator. I don't think that this would have been his first choice to shut the entire economy down. He was told by these people. Hey, this is what we have to do. He was surrounded by those quote unquote experts who suggested that this is what you have to do to, you know, two weeks to slow the flat in the curve. Which turned into a month and then six, the nine months and we don't flatten the word. The curve, even go. Probably along the lines of influenza, but that's why and again I know it sounds like a broken record. But that's why I keep going back to this whole mistrust thing. Because of what they have done because of what we've allowed them to do. Because the power and I think it was Not Karen Claire and I'm Cindy. I'll apologize for getting your she's with the convention of States and she said the power does little. The power lies with the states. That power lies with us. We've forgotten that we need to find a way to reach out and take that power back. Unfortunately, I don't like is going to be pretty. Not suggesting anything in particular. I just think that if we finally get off our duffs and pull this power back, it's not going to be a pretty situation. Maura on the discussion, whether it's the Rhona or the election, or any of the other misadventures of the federal government coming up next on the Rick Robert Show here in new stock a 20, WB ape. This is Mark 11 are.

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