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Baseball, Greg Holland, Jd Martinez discussed on Sam's Garage


The whole i'd be the whole thing should get taken down i the gary parishes right the way you do with the best way to probably do it is not have the schools pay these players directly but let them sign it all these things going on behind the tables or under the table with with the agents giving money and companies paying money and guy you know put these things all above board let these guys higher agents let them get paid by agents by shoe companies by car companies by boosters wherever and a guys were the best players gonna make the most money women do they'll be some women beyond women's basketball players will get paid it'll it'll be totally whatever the market determines is your value and that's that's it and that's the way it's got to go but i i don't think we'll see that happened because the powersthatbe don't want any of that that they just want to continue to be advocates terms of baseball thrilled to have it back i note spring training don't read anything into the winds and losses or the runs scored folks don't get too caught up in it watch your players coming back from injury too they look healthy if you have a picture coming back from injury is he is as velocity back as he hitting his spots don't get caught up in the numbers and certainly don't get caught up in the winds losses so some key free agents in baseball out there jake arrieta lance lynn alex cobb greg holland technically jd martinez although teams like it think this weekend it'll be settled with the red sox mike new stock is carlos gonzalez and a handful of other guys that wall probably sign in the next few weeks and from the nba we talked about changing the playoff format i love the idea of silver ahead of going one through sixteen and and i think they should completely get rid of conferences i would it a perfect world not the season down to 58 games play every team twice he played two games week occasionally three but mostly to games week be great no back the backs guides would be fresh it'd be more to play four more on the line.

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Baseball, Greg Holland, Jd Martinez discussed on Sam's Garage

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