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It's the two erection chambers in the your Retha. So you just make sure to like so the end of one chamber back to one the end of the other chamber back to the other end the research back to one right? And then I deal you want to be able to feel the thing too. So you have to find the nerve. And exactly and that's the hardest part like you can put it back on. But the question is going to feel like anything you've got to attach the nerve the nerve and the blood vessels because otherwise if there's no flow there, you're also not going to get shit. So that's very elaborate process. Oh, for sure how do you do that you pull them out and tach them worse than our breakdown? How you do that to go into it in death? If you're going to do a really amazing job with that. You're either gonna use a magnifying glasses like like, and you have to know the the dick as for sure I will allow her just to sort of inspect my penis. Unlike the make sense yet. So of an extracurricular before she goes to help her right mentioned Perry thousand hours, eight berry batting cages a lot. You know in the statistics. Current events say this has been this has been most enlightening. Thank you guys. Thank you guys. Thank you for letting us. Yeah. Commended would they do current events with us you guys want? Let me p real quiet. Let's take a p p to some current events. Current events is tough occurring current current current events. What do we got all this is said so Stanley passed away this morning Stanley had a philosophy behind his characters stand the philosophy behind life Stanley was genuine real writer. There's a difference there. And I think one of the reasons that those characters stick with us is there conflicted, and they're real people, and maybe superheroes. But their real rights Spiderman with great power comes great responsibility. There was always a philosophy behind it. And the philosophy was always pointing toward good and wasn't. I think you were talking about. I think the reason the wolverine was the sort of the first big hit. Because why do you know why the Spiderman was now we'll know what I'm saying in the movies wolverine was such a hit because it was the first time they had a superhero that killed people. We'll and kill people. Most Spiderman there were killed in. Yeah. Yeah. He puts that guy. That's why they've always struggled with the punisher because in the comic books. He was just like, oh this murder people all the time. And they can't ever do that. Did you see the series enough lakes? He fucks dudes. I struggle. I struggle with that. But yeah, not to this The status status Asia. Asia both hardcore fans think punish this should be like he should be like a psychopath like you should be like a guy who was like murder. But yeah, those guys never they never captured the wide embrace. You know, there's still the idea of like you do burn..

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