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What the heck why not start off the week with a little happy samba music it's summertime ninety degrees good afternoon sanity happy Monday twenty second June the first Monday of summer and it's ninety degree the warm one light wind from the southwest tomorrow chance of rain forty percent chance of rain tomorrow with a high of eighty three so cooling off rain to be great clear out the smoke it's a rain Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday not today sunny skies light winds nineteen white puffy clouds in good air quality quality right now is the twenty one the lower the number the better we're in the twenty one were in the green good air quality all right the show today we'll talk with senator Peter worth here in just a second two o'clock today the attorney for a group called earth justice will join as Janette Brimmer will join us we'll talk about the trump administration their war on clean water and water ways Maria Herrera from department of workforce connections at two thirty in our weekly chat with Dr windy Johnson today medical director la familia Medical Center will talk about Kobe nineteen what we have learned in the last week and hopefully something all right eight minutes after one o'clock joint is now with the recap of the special session Senate Majority Leader senator from Santa Fe Peter worth Peter thanks your time today Preciado absolutely Richard glad to be here all right best worst.

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