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We got Tyler, I and we got Coley mic back. This is tied to the only two who have become a your Twitter handles your Twitter handles already or dick name. I figure the only to Nick now referred to as Coley mic in Tyler. I am. It's only I've ever. Well, nickname before before I was on it. Yeah. Yeah. Tellem interest Tyler. It's weird when people, Dave does this most often he'll say people's handle, but when it's barstool so he'd be like barstool Eddie in barstool jayjay it's a surname. Like we all are going to have more stolen their man. You don't have to say it out loud everytime, but yeah, you guys. Are you guys make your bones on the internet? You've been doing this this internet social media thing for the longest time. So that's who you are. It's sure of fine with me too. I mean, I, I have no problem living my life like completely young. I'm much cooler on the. What I've done. I've stopped living my life outside, right? Where's the? I'll I'll read. Listen to me boy. I've had a lot of weddings this summer, so I'll see friends who I haven't seen the while and one thing I've gone a handful of times. Is that like your different because you just you're like I used to before I worked at Barcelona, I used to always putting on a show. I was like the entertainer. I'd be like the hands moving and I was attention. Yeah, right. Imagine that poor group of friends out of your pocket, like all right, fight over to sit there quietly and I'm like, dude, I do it all day now. I don't wanna fuck do anymore. And his friends are like. Now. Now I do all my living on the internet, none of it in real life. If you, I mean coz at best like you can be whoever you want on the internet. So I would you like, why would you just play the hand you're dealt when you can just go in the deck and be like ace king Queen, Jack, that's what the internet is the. It's a lot of people that don't know how to play cards, so they're like, yeah, I'm going to deal the bunch of three. No man, you can be. You could be pretty. You could be funny. That'd be cool. It could be tough, six, eight on the internet. Nobody is in any of the was. I've been doing that shit for so long to. I like AOL I so I moved from the Bronx to Philly them back to the Bronx. So I made friends lost me for. So I've been like just doing fucking internet friends since it was cool to have internet friends, so I'm like, totally fine with it. I feel like some people think it's weird even still to this day. I'm like, like g chatman like we, I don't think I hung out with Keith for like a couple of years. So yeah, we lived in the same city started this all together, and I was like, I'll talk to you on the internet before the New York move you Keith dead..

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