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Coming alive through town fair tire studios power by town fair tire nobody beats town fair tire nobody and will be on CBS Ron Dolly will is the cat call the games with Brian Anderson they'll be doing to brave the cardinals will also be doing the NLCS because CBS is the exclusive home of the National League throughout the two thousand nineteen M. L. B. postseason and he joins us now Ron welcome how are you hi Mike but a while back the. how you feeling okay I'm still not feel better you know a hundred percent but I'm doing my thing right we send you our best tell me this on a put you on the spot to start we can bring Mickey back or not. injustice two questions here I I think that I would not bring Mickey back I think that I think that some of the session making is is lacking too I think he will be back yes okay so you don't you you wouldn't and you think you will be okay yeah I I I wouldn't because I I just think that I don't know there's there's a there's a lot of things you know what happens I think for a lot of these things like this that they hire these guys that don't have a lot of experience and then they're critical of them when they don't make the right moves I mean the experiences everything when it comes to managing normally ball club but both then and all that kind of stuff so I I think he's a little short Matt now he has an abundance of the team that played well for him young guys that love them gene the play hard for him all the kind of stuff so that's all positives for him so I think he is going to be back because of that. mine is I would send D. as packing yeah I've had guys come on here would tell me no no he salvageable I don't see it you can do you think you would bring him back would you saw what another closing next year you know one out the kids Mike and member of the Watson with the Yankees yep the certain certain players they get in this town in this town is just not form and so I'm kind of going to right yeah I think he's got to go somewhere else way to get something for him I would do it this town is not made for everybody out also you personally after playing there for ten years when I moved to open it was the greatest thing that ever happened to me because it's very hard to play New York for a long extended period of time that's white Jeter and others I just Marvel out that their of their ability to handle it for that long it's just very difficult beautiful difficult brine but you know some of new York's not for everybody and all you have to do is look at Sonny gray Sonny gray great local and comes to New York can't get anybody out now he goes a Cincinnati which is a band box has a two point set two point eighty already this year pitch is great. you know Mike. a lot of baseball players come from these past laurel beautiful world communities and they come to the city and the next thing you know they're on the four train of some train and the trying to figure out how to how to do that and also get people out it's not for everybody you know I love I mean I I thought was the greatest thing that you were good at it so but but it was it's certainly not for everybody and Sonny gray probably one of the best examples I mean what a season he had this year and last year he probably was this far stars the concern one of the worst in the game it was a nightmare yeah total nightmare all right everybody I've talked to Girardi I had the rose on its Roddy on all of the Braves are you in a brave camp to. I am with the Braves camp with a copy and and that is is that the reason I'm in the Braves canceled because the cardinals you know they are actually seal is hitting I you know I don't know if they're going to hit enough because I think the game now even the last night's game was for a three game I think the game is going to be a slugging postseason Mike you know there's no there's no argument that the home run played such a big part of the game this year I would expect the post season the be just like it with tons and tons of home runs I don't think the cardinals have that kind of offense but that being said the Freddie Freeman has to be a hundred percent for me we haven't seen a could you junior play and ten days well we see the Freddie Freeman play against the mats recently or didn't look like he was a hundred percent comfortable he's not a hundred percent comfortable I I I easily conflicts over the cardinals because their pension do you get the feeling that last night that the nationals are a different team this year a different make up this year I mean usually they've been very disappointing and last night they do the things that winning teams do they hang around they get a good performance out of the bullpen by a slaughter and then they get they hit they have to get to win the game. Mike there's a likeness to that team that they've never had I mean I've covered that gene since the beginning and you know the super stars since Reggie Jackson and and with the Yankees they take up a lot of oxygen you know that I think that I I think the price Harper took a lot of our I agree I see and I think he made it worse I don't think you made a better I agree I mean he was a great he's a great player yeah the best players in the game okay but I think there was a lightness to this team special Aparo when he came over all you know the dancing on the baby shark that's that's all great but I think it's at some point they were always the team that was World Series or bus if they don't like the World Series and then and have a good year and I don't think they felt that this year I think they just felt let's be a good team let's get in the dance was to look give ourselves a chance was a whole lot different that what they've had before and a last night's game was listen I've done a lot of games and a lot of great games that that that's right up there with them did you do do they give the dodges trouble. well a Dodgers did not want to play this team this is the one team I think that no one baseball one play up for this reason I know they're open as bad but you know that during the world during the postseason starters are going to pitch only white Strasbourg the must might Corbin's going to get some some out in the bullpen for left handers during the postseason but that now good churches about pitch great but you know what it impacts awful either but sure Sir Strasbourg Corbin and don't sleep on animal science says you know it's one of those guys that Connor knows how to get it done great kind of fort starter like like hell is for for the Dodgers but this is the team they did not want to face and the Dodgers with older left handed hitting with Corbin probably starting game one I think presents some serious challenges will Carmichael be a factor in this series. Michael is the a pro's pro I think he will definitely be a huge factor I think those that's why snicker pick them you know they're trying to somehow get Soroka through this post season because all the endings of that these pants Max freed is going to pitch not only as a starter but as a reliever also we saw him against the maps over the weekend pitch in relief and he was outstanding the the Atlanta Braves have an interesting team in the sense that they're forced for hitters are as dangerous as any in baseball it'll be the other five or the four minus the pitcher of work which will determine that that Sears is do you think the dodges all clearly the best team or do you think the Braves have a good chance the Dodgers are clearly the best team but they have holes and every team seems to have goals you know gently Jansen is you know he was having Marianna or Vera's career and then it came to a halt you know health reasons of course but also he's lost a little and his stuff is not what it once was so you know did they there is not a perfect team out there other than maybe of the Houston Astros seem kind of perfect all the way around I I leave the Yankees out of that because I feel like they're pretty perfect too but they have so many decisions to make and Anna and Erin bloom of course with on the pitching side you might have to pull a council as far as how he uses those pictures throughout the series I think they over think it myself I think they are aware of it I I just pitch tonight tonight has a habit of pitch in well in the post season I would write him and they won't do that because he didn't pitch well down the stretch still probably right Paxson was never pitched in the postseason so I don't know what to get out of him so I you know that I like guys who have done it you know and I think tonight is always shown up. the post season and you know I don't think they trust them do you think run these pitches even the power pitches now even really good pitches are they impacted by all the home runs this year these make these hit issue these pictures shy these all month they certainly have been impacted it's going to be the guys who would give up a two run home run that could somehow rebound from that think about Max social last night he looked like he was going to the last two or three innings you somehow got through five and only gave up three runs only but you know you kind of kept them in the game I think that the home run ball is going to be huge in the post season and I think the guys to deal with that better or or or that's a good point you can be able to shake off the early home run is what you're saying right. take it off and not I'm with you with the Yankees I think that trying to be who they are not would would not be the way I would go I would start you know the haps in that the knockers and let them go until they can't own dad this stopover thinking this I mean I mean to me that they way you Yankees a way over thinking this stuff I think yeah I would say like for Tamaqua Gimme Gimme for strong innings all we already give me for give me five is it just just just think of it in real time that the stitching great let him go if he's not then you make the most absolutely and you know as as Joe Girardi said to me today I said what's the one quality it takes to win this thing he says you gotta come from behind these games and and I think that's true you sort last night you gotta be a Yankees were always that way they can I can't tell you how many games I was at what a Yankees came from behind in the playoffs at you could did they had to be twenty of them in the post season so they're in a house in days I mean you and you saw it last night you've got to be able to chip away you got to get someone out to your pen to shut them down and you got to you got to just chip away and be able to come from behind these games you know like I was told when I was a player in this is thirty years about thirty forty years ago whatever was and it has been changed you have to be someone's closer at some point you have to be someone closer the reason the Yankees won all of their championship there's no one could be there closer bat how you win championships is at some point you have to be there closer and we saw it last night with hater you know the the yeah script the scripted planned for hater to come in two innings and strikes up five in the.

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