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In the middle of july at gordon hayward celtics debut would be app we buried in the aggregate type tonight that was inconceivable and in the worst possible way he ended up becoming a store of course kyrie irving now with the celtics returning to to opening night in cleveland and as you say that complete story lied all got going to washed over five minutes and fifteen seconds in to the game one of the things that you said in your playbyplay and that's this is the thing that struck me was the reaction of the other players so i saw at once and and i don't wanna see it again but i did go back and look at the video is trying to keep my eyes away from gordon flag but to see the reaction of the cavaliers bench then of the celtics huddle afterwards word sure looked like kyrie irving was was breaking down i mean they were they were all hugging and coming together and try to get themselves to a point where they could play what was it like to see them afterwards when they did come back and put together a decent second half and almost win or people to her you know the the the brethren of nba players cracked athlete we've seen all route put her today and all in on the court i think that wouldn't tell on if you're describing it i can only describe so much him only gonna wanted to scrap some look what the android or who did not go to bed at right away when he knew greek like that or but that would help will so compelling and you quarterback on your in my quad year to sort of acting like a tv director the shroud apply what images of all the things that are happening because obviously gordon hayward enough rookie too big to my eyes scripted to lebron james cutting i'm of course they would've had buried in his hand on able could look at anything and the celtics.

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