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Um moving on up later in twenty forty nine was not a hit in the united states uh many had speculated that a bb china will come to the save much in the same way that they have for other movies like pacific rim but no the movie has bombed in china chris give us the depressing news right so they were hoping china when save the day for 'bladerunner twenty four nine but it did not happen um it's opening weekend there it made only on i'm saying only unquote works for years i'd be fine with this amount of money but it's the only may eight point three million dollars odds over the weekend whereas you know but against uh geo storm mere which may 10billiondollar says campbell who are actually be blade were from forty nine at the the chinese box office which is a blessing is i i really liked laboratory for nine in but i'm also not surprised it was not just because the first runner was needed either it was a film that you came in a cold here over the years he will discovered it and i kinda thing at as commander with this law to at night a few years before we talk about it but chris you know it 'bladerunner twenty fortynine didn't have in that was a heatwave destroying a whole city true asia added at it were were money also your store you talk about this four hour twopart version of the film what do we know about that right so uh films editor a joe walker.

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