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Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen has agreed to testify publicly before congress maharaja with more. This is according to Elijah Cummings. The chairman of the committee releasing a statement saying that Colin will testify before this comedian. Of course, calling has been a central player. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison for multiple charges, including two campaign finance related charges. Testimony is to take place February seventh before the house oversight committee. A judge has ordered a former Illinois legislator accused of posting nude photos of an ex girlfriend to stay off social media. Former state rep Nick sour has been ordered held in lieu of thirty thousand dollars bail sour was indicted Wednesday on twelve felony counts of disseminating private sexual images, the first term lake Barrington Republican announced his resignation last year after his ex girlfriend made the allegations. Prosecutors say the charges against our stem from an investigation that revealed to victims authorities. Have released the name of a seventy one year old skier from Northbrook who died at the Breckenridge ski resort in Colorado. The summit daily reports William Haas was found unconscious on Iran, Monday afternoon. It does not appear that he crashed into anything while skiing and the summit county coroner says hostile of natural causes the mother of a player on the northwestern. University women's basketball team who died in two thousand seventeen has sued a sorority claiming hazing by its members. Led to her daughter's suicide Jim Moran with that. Felicia hankins says the hazing of her daughter Jordan hankins by members of the alpha Kappa alpha sorority caused severe anxiety and depression led to her daughter's death in January twenty seventeen lawsuit filed earlier this week in US district court in Chicago lawsuit. Contends Jordan hankins was quote subjected to physical abuse, including paddling verbal abuse mental abuse financial exploitation, sleep, deprivation items being thrown and dumped on her another form of hazing intended to humiliate and demean her. Jim moran. WLS AM. Eight nine news in the race. For chicago. Mayor Bill Cameron says candidate Dorothy Brown may not have enough. Valid nominating signatures to have her name placed on the ballot. Dorothy Braun appears to be more than eleven hundred signatures short. She's crying fraud and calling on the state attorney to open a criminal investigation of Toni preckwinkle and really Wilson's challenges to her petitions. And here's why Brown says there after her because I'm on bought I'm on boss, Jim Ellen at the Chicago Board of elections has this take on Brown's claim of fraud patently improvable false and several of Brown's petitions do display searchers that appear to have been written by the same hand at city hall Bill Cameron, WLS AM WLS news time five zero three. Look.

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