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In nineteen sixty one Myra Hindley was smitten with her co worker, Ian Brady, she was so namrd with him that she began to do any and everything to get his attention. She wanted to please him so badly. He could get her to do or change almost anything about herself that he wanted curiously research published in the British journal of medical psychology suggests that this kind of all consuming submissiveness can affect how a person responds to trauma submissive often reinvent themselves. Like Myra did following her friends drowning they're also more likely to feel survivor's guilt. Like Myra did after her friend died, and that guilt often compels them to seek out a group to belong to with reckless aggression. And once they find a group to which they would like to belong. They become self sacrificing doing whatever they can for the group even at their own expense and the expense of others more than that. However submissiveness. Is often away those with survivor's guilt work through that kilt by allowing themselves to be punished in Mirus case, he ends indifference to her was a sort of punishment on December twenty second nineteen sixty two. Ian, took my reticence the film judgment at Nuremberg starring Spencer, Tracy, and Burt Lancaster, the film examines the trial for Nazi officers following World War Two, Ian, must have felt comfortable enough with her reaction to the choice of film to take her out again over the next few weeks in gave Myra Hitler's Mein comes to read and introduced her to the novels of the market Assad while most people would see vs book recommendations as a massive red flags Myra seem thrilled that Ian had finally taken an interest in her and let her into his private world. She read the books thoroughly and surprised him with her attention to detail. Ian reveled in the control he had over her. He would often. Tell her to do and say things simply to see if she would she always did soon the pair were inseparable their relationship escalated dramatically in the following months. In early nineteen sixty three twenty year old Myra slept with Ian Brady for the first time, Ian tied her to the bed where he bit and beat her in writing about the experience in her journal Myra focused on how much pleased him not on her own response to it. It wasn't just her first time with him. It was her first sexual experience ever early stage research conducted by the university of Tennessee found that our first times leave a lasting impression that can affect our relationship with sex for the rest of our lives. Over time we unconsciously seek out sexual experiences that echo our first no matter if the experience was positive or negative in the following weeks. Myra give Ian permission to have. Anal sex with her and in her journal later, she would note that this pleased him immensely, which only encouraged her more at times. In would also give Myra the reins allowing her to experiment with him becoming the dominant partner and even inserting objects into him the national coalition of sexual freedom has explicitly stated that if it's not consensual than it's not just rough sex. It's abuse in Mirus case Ian had already tied up and beaten her without her express consent. He might have given her control periodically to create the illusion that the violence had already done to her was not an abuse perpetrated by only one person, but something done by equally. Consenting adults borrowing from his beloved marquee to Saad who believed in a very free view of violence sexuality. Ian, often told Myra that rape and murder were not wrong as usual Myra seems to have accepted his point of view. You without question by February of nineteen sixty three just two months after they began dating Ian had begun taking nude pictures of Myra and of them having sex together at Ian, insistence Myra stopped attending church and instead joined him as he dove deeper into Nazi ideology.

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