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Down to the South and Cooper, mostly sunny and 66. We've got 65 sunny in Bellingham, right now in downtown Seattle, Currently 67 at 11 36 detectives still investigating the deadly shooting of bottle police Officer Jonathan Shoot almost Frank Lindsay. Reports. Jonathan Shoop was killed during a traffic stop on July 13th when bottle officers tried to pull over a driver headed west on Highway 5 22 After a short chase, the driver struck a man on a scooter and crashed through a center median along wooden will drive. Investigators say the driver got out, walked toward the patrol car and fired two shots. One broke the driver's side window. The other hit shoots partner's gun ricocheted. And struck the partner in the head. Detectives believe the partner than fired multiple shots, one of which struck and killed Officer Shoup in the crossfire. The other officers survived. The suspect was arrested. Video from that night shows a Toyota forerunner behind the patrol SUV as the shooting begins. If you were in that four runner or know who was you're asked to contact Snohomish County authorities. Frank Lindsay Ammonia. A driver lead Thurston County sheriff's deputies on a chase in the lacy area early this morning to try to pull him over because he had expired Tabs. They say he took off on a highway 5 10 came back around and hit one of their cars with his pick up Nobody was hurt. The driver, then got on the I five and began driving south in the north bound lanes. Deputies called off the chase, though, because it was too dangerous to continue. Protests characterized as riots continue in downtown Portland, and an African American police officer there says the chaos absolutely has to stop. Here's coma. Score one take with more dispersed the area Now. Last night, police broke up a protest near a southeast Portland precinct. Saying they believe the protesters intent was.

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