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Well, you really are unstoppable. I mean, honest guy. He wonders why we won't see him. You wanna find areas where they don't get it? You want to find out where it's happening? And what better way to bring it to Brentwood with your parking badge down there? I don't know. I mean, I guess like I said, as not have vampire blood way thought about, you know, going back to London right now, But the neighborhood that we stay in London has been really hard. That's another reason why we thought, Let's give it two more weeks that's taken, you know, calm down a little bit there and letting because the numbers their keep Climbing. It's we have back was I know A lot lot that's happening a lot of places. Yeah, And we were going to go also Tio think we missed in this suit? Of course you go and see friends and then England dropped the bomb on Spain, You know, so now we can't do that. We're like we're not going to go back to London and try to not do anything. At least here. We have a car. We have a bit of independence here. You know when you say England dropped the bomb on Spain, you mean they said no travel. Right, and we're gonna come back to you to sell Florentine. We're through Portugal, so he didn't have to sell 40 seconds time after arriving to that, you know, we just don't feel like staying here might be the best idea. They don't want you. They're trying to beat the quarantine, because, well, that's that's the REM ove in. You know that this is getting around everybody. If you wonder how it's getting around, That's how people beating the quarantine these beings of our travel. And I a club and I both work in London is about to open on Saturday and I did have worked there and the guy who runs it has bought these big 60 glass screens to put two separate each row. He's purchased them in China. They're sending them over and those separate the capacity of room will be down to about 25%. Normal, and I mean, it's crazy. It's like it's like you're the comic. You're also like when you go see Mona Lisa in Paris, and you stared it through glass. You don't really get close to you gets you so far away. It's going to be like the comedians have a hard enough time. Monitoring the room. But now it's going through various screens of clear plastic. It's insane, so I don't know the future bowls, and that's why I can't have been delicious Steak. Listen, Scott, the future holds a vaccine and a return to somewhat normal. That's what the future holds. Let's all just let's all hold that. Close in on us. Hey, So in the meantime, your nightly Instagram 10 minute segment at eight PM is still happening. And you're on instagram live all the time, Which is actually you're a lot of fun to watch. Are you going to continue with the Saturday night? Half hour shows as well. We are in continue that yes, and people been very generous. We thank them all very much for all of that. Yeah, that's a tip situation. Yeah, And Sarah's worried about my finances Just telling you as so, Ah, Science that panics me a little bit, too. And you said that So? Yeah, we're joined that many tips are Greatly received here. My husband denied Michael camping for a couple days. So we'll see you on instagram of the woods and Right away the other campers. I mean, when they say camping, they mean set up their tent in the park. I hate to repeat Children spend the night holding a beautiful there. To be so cute. I mean, it's a terrifying out there was a night, isn't it? Is it scary or five? Well, you'll have to tell us when you safely arrived back. Yeah, We can't wait that long and think I'll make a movie that dog that isn't yours. Abduct from its home on the regular. All right, listen. We're going to let you go. It's always awesome to talk to you. I'm I will express you right now. I'm really glad you're staying. I think that you know, it's Maur. Scott Crow. I can get the better rights. Don't I say that all the time Been the more Scott I get the Battersea sure does all the time I'm saying it hit the road, Jack. Goodbyes.

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