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The outer loop to 85 South. A slow ramp on I 20 the West Freeway. And the West Freeways kind of jammed up 20 west. Trouble on the left shoulder clearing at around Lee Road exit 41 young dippers. There you go. Thanks, Doug. Next question. Would you rather continues with little Sanjay and the market and show what you got, buddy? All right, Mark, I apologize to you. Here we go. Would you rather get married to a Holocaust denier? Oi, Flat Earthers. Jeez. Sorry, but say repeat that I don't want this. I don't want to fumble this one with all the Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't like I did. With all the respect I asked me the question again. Would you rather get married to a Holocaust denier or a flat Earth actually make sure flattered. 100% all day. Every day. I could take them. I can ship. Yeah, I'm not really there. I will marry a flat earthers before I marry a Holocaust denier. Deborah Green round flat Earthers. It has to be. It has to be right. Yeah, There's no reasoning with the denier. Randy's Googling Holocaust, Right? What a flat aren't there was a flat earth there. They think the Earth is flat. Obviously, I see Yeah, that's they're both kind of weird questions. But you've got to know your history. You can't deny the history. So that's a no way to kiss up to the boss. That freaky Randy Loti Chuck, you have way more fun with a flatter three things that I just feel like they would be way more fun. Oh, they'd be more gullible. I thought about just feel like a flatter through would be Don't get too close to the edge. Yeah. Ah, Longoria. Yeah, flatter, flatter right with all that. But listen, that made me stop and think So. That's what this game is all about Our next question Sanjay, number four. Would you rather lose weight by exercising or by dieting? Oh, dieting. I've died twice a year. Probably my weight fluctuates exercises. Just not happening. It's not that I had that window. You know the 18 to 23 window when I think that the windows past it's long gone for decades beyond that, so I'd rather lose weight by dieting. Deborah Green. I mean, I go to the gym regularly. I don't know about any losing any weight, but I do like to exercise. So I guess I'll just keep you enjoy that. It's part of your ritual. Ready from the digital disk on Well, you know, I'm a foodie mark. You already know right now. I don't know. Whatever I can eat, brother. Just go ahead. I know I can eat what I want to eat and just work out. I'll just work out. Are you working out to keep what you got going now? I have just not been eating and that'll Barbas. Yeah, but you didn't dislike working and not have a problem with it at all. I just have a needed. I've just been kind of lucky. Everyone's lucky ot Chuck. I refused to watch what I eat. So I'll take extra exercise you do you do the curls with them with the doubt. My favorite Loti, Chuck moment of all time longer. I'd rather die it then exercises with you. I'm not. I don't have to do anything about steps around around the station like some people find that they hate people Do that. Yes. Didn't I tell you? What, though? Hope it up the whole like a mall here or a large around something I could just I'm curious about the pellet on. I think I might do that. No, you won't. No, you won't with you attached to it right with Beyonce. Yes, for the EU and expelled But you just remember. She is just trying to get more people to use the palace Right now. There's not. There's no factor. My decision, but I just think like you could, like, do that in your home and watch TV and stuff, right? Yeah, but the part of the Palatinate is you're competing wise people. So you have like an instructor there yelling at, you're not going to sit on on a stationary bike and pedal while you're watching football. No, It's a person like screaming at you, like, Come on, Mark used to be a division one athlete. Come on. Where can bring you two videos or something? Really over $2000. I'm not allowed to like I can't that That's the stream is there they controlled the stream. You know, you'd have to put your.

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