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Ranch battling Alexander park. The. The Panthers you're going to get possession. Now, they lose it here. Come the blue jackets up the ice on the right wing side, Brandon dubinsky and two on one. Penske takes matters into his own hands punch gagging. Todd top by the score of three two to head. Nobody know how hot dog Germaine. Shot by Brandon dubinsky. Makes it look as though he's going to go inside the far posted. He comes short side on the gloves side and Rymer is not happy. Well, oil happens right off the face off with Ranchi battling for the puck. Mike Matheson has it and he lost control of it. And then when he turned around to try to chase it down. He lost an edge and fell in dubinsky. Just comes up the ice now that assisted goal for branded. He looked around. He saw that he had the time and he buried it. And the blue jackets are back on top for the second time in this game. Jackets in their own zone. Through the neutral zone over the Florida Panthers. Blue line sends it left side for Marcus, lavar, backdrop and Aaron the blue line. Now, he gives it to Ryan Murray Murray cross for p r Luke DuBois bra. Protecting the park antonoff. The new Tamara markets with a look takes your shot and remers save those behind the Florida Panthers net. Alexander bark off will get it. Quickly trade back to his defense. Manera neck laugh at glad over to Keith Yandell. Handle what the left wing side is. The Panthers are making a line change handle with a wrist shot the easy to blocker Pat knocking away. Your wall and early law mocked up with Alexander bark off couldn't get it out of the zone. Ryan Murray will take the puck the hands it off to do block. The right wing side cuts toward the middle. Tried to get a pass down to our. When that didn't work the shot Rymer was able to make the same. Mike often sending the puck back to get data off shot goes off his stick hits the glass, dad novel pick it back up man handed off to Mike Hoffman. Often starting to walk it in. Now, he pulls up any what the pass across went off the skates. Of our candy Pinera bounced out to the nucleus owner. Now, hop it gives it away. Here comes Cam Atkinson up the icy scouted defensemen in front of a brought it back for red ski down the Atkins it with a shot. From in tight was made. When Bert gets back to the a big slap shot by Steph Jones, misses its Mark. Mathison has the puck for the Florida Panthers. Blue jackets lead three to eleven fifteen to go here in the third period. Mathison from behind his own net. Four checker. Josh Anderson is back on the ice. We're back to five on five off the near wall. Be declare. You lost it and got it back again that he couldn't make the past that he wanted to clear back out to the neutral zone. David Savard, he'll wrap it around behind the Panthers net and up the near side Jeter wanted the feedback out of the blue line. And the Panthers will take it with the back of the blue jackets zone. David savard. Takes a passion. Quickly moves it up the left wing boards. Nice job or not a nice guy. Jabber didn't touch Dhabi. Did I thought he got the icing waved off at work out that way? Jagged from Kansas here. Pretty good. Chances. The forum, quite frankly. One. They have battled their way back. Alexander bark off the face off against the Jenner. Windsor. Jonathan Huber don't slides one to the front of the net. It's clear the doorstep ambition, put it on the far wall. Anthony declare will lifted up the ice chase Ford is. Kennedy gets there to wave off the ice. Now dropped it off behind the Florida. Went by gosh Anderson. Here's Ryan Murray. Pinching up the boards puts it back to Jenner who off the back in one of the probe behind the net. Banal Jenner Barkov read that it cuts it off, and he left wing side for Hoover. No waiting for traffic passes. Bright side. It's not my Bobrovsky. Now Jenner takes a hit from Barkov over the right wing corner. The line off the ice. Dad muff? Zander barked off. Turn it to dad crisis slide it out in front went off. Jenner skate comes to bark off who then gives it away to Boone Jenner. Pulled it off the wall. And we will just keep it ahead. And that'll be enough to get them. They're lying change. David looking for Jonathan Uber, though. The near wall pass across the ice. And now the Panthers blasted inside of the blue zone. Puck ahead. The beer Leuke belongs clears it outside the blue line before the Panthers. Stop it. Right back in under ten minutes to play here in the third period. The blue jackets up my goal three to the score back Lansky goes behind his own net. Puck out of the crowd. Dubois off the back. Eddie passes it to Atkinson now will just send the puck of the board tax effective. Went off the side of the net. Fin thinking he's gonna get that fuck with the Panthers again, very careless with the puck. And that's been the case throughout this game. Quite frankly. Blue jackets would convert some of their better chances. They would have more than a one goal lead in this game will tell you that. The puck in the neutral zone with a high stick. Now. The Panthers finally ports the play it. They'll dump it into blue gagging. Joan. Half minutes to go in regulation time pass up the right wing side for Brandon dubinsky. His goal broke the. Florida and the Panthers have it and they're going to move it out to the neutral zone. Frankly. Toronto those across the ice was trying to connect with might pop. A great job by dean Koken who can just got on the right side of happen to be able to make the play. And now the Panthers with a mistake. They ice the puck with eight oh nine to go here in the third period. Well, blue jackets have scored twice and then some today and every time they scored twice. You can have priced pizzas. The next day Papa John so tomorrow, use the promo code jackets. Fifty Papa John's dot com or on the Papa John's app. But you know, you'll find out you get a half price large pizza. Face off the right wing certain. Wynberg faking the draw against shared McCain McCain. Got the puck back your neck. Glad he loses it through Anthony declare whose job is stopped by game driver. David Savard tipped the pass by the Panthers. Winds up going all the way down the ice. But there is no ice. Does. It was tipped by Savard gangs. Do nice job to work it up the right wing side. Florida zone. Once again Panthers will send it right out. Route. Against Marcus, lavar job of handling him. Now. To the front of the net. Stick with our penny. Came across hit and knocked to stick out of his hand. Therefore, he couldn't play that keeps it alive for the Panthers. He said the shot wide, you'll get another chance and this one is denied Henrik Bork shrimp. Putting that shot on Sergei Bobrovsky in he added sealed off and didn't let it through. Here's another opportunity for the right wing circle at another save and the rebound just went off a board. Should we couldn't take the second shoddy had a wide open net. Here's a shot that doesn't make it through traffic the blue gag ship. It back toward the blue line. And it comes outside the zone, and then was touched again by the Panthers in that will get a whistle offsides. Call six fifty six to go third period. The blue jackets three the Panthers to on the Eldorado gaming sido down Gaga's radio.

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