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Breaking news. Okay. Interesting. I get that. Now. Breaking news athletes are good at sports. All right. Got that. Brian good one. So we're not impressed. By Pat, Mahomes, atop golf, not as impressed as other people. It's cool. Whatever. It is I have been to talk all those really fun to take those videos of you just looking like, you're just teeing off on something. And it doesn't go really as far as it looks in those videos to. You don't like top golf. No. It's fun office. One of the greatest times you're going to have. Yeah. That's fantastic. That was a better video. Then what how about former jets safety Jamal Adams tackling the patriots mascot. That's funny. Was yet. What what that's real? Yeah. Knows a Pro Bowl skills challenge. And it was a it was supposed to be a joke by not the face that he gave he's tackled. The patriots mascot that guy. Got hurt guy actually actually heard. They're saying that him going to the hospital was not. Yeah. He's gonna sue now. Not good. Our you watch. Now if you were in a mascot uniform it's fair game. No, they extra padding Fagin who was Dante wilder before he fought Tyson fury, broken mascots. John accident doing this very the very similar screwing around with a mascot. You get form tackle that was much better video than the Pat Mahomes video top golfers. So bill. All right. Let's kick off the nine o'clock hour at PISA hop back. I'll give us fire up Friday, and that will enter that Nighthawk our with your phone calls as well away. Can't be are is the number to our Kevin Franson of the sports leader. KNB are.

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