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Las Vegas to 68 CS Las Vegas Ah Beasley Media Group Station. Weather cooperating? I'm joking here on Fox. News crews battling the massive wildfires in the West Coast are getting a bit of a break from the weather functions. GURNAL Scott, Oregon Democratic Governor Kate Brown on CBS face. The Nation says more than a million acres have burned across her state in the last week. But there is some encouraging news. Weather is stabilizing, and it gives our hardworking firefighters an opportunity to go out and be proactive and build containment lines. Governor Brown says investigators are looking for a cause, but she feels natural conditions contributed. AH former Oregon GOP lawmaker blamed the fire damage on bad policy in a recent Washington Post. Stop it. The West Coast fires have claimed the lives of at least 33 people. President Trump says he signed an executive order to lower drug prices. His announcement comes after he met with Hispanic leaders at a round table in Las Vegas before hosting a rally tonight in Henderson. Nevada, only has six electoral college votes. But in a tight presidential election, those six could obviously be crucial. And that is why President Trump is devoting so much time to Nevada over this weekend, a new poll from The New York Times on Sienna College. Ko's president Trump trailing Joe Biden by full points right now. Frances Jonathan Hunt to Los Angeles County deputies were hospitalized in critical condition after they were shot last night while sitting in their patrol car. A manhunt is underway for the shooter who was seen on surveillance video President Trump Tweeted if they die fast trial death penalty for the killer on Li Wei to stop this, witnesses say protesters showed up to the hospital where the deputies were taken chanting anti police flow. Gins. Riot police ended up showing up to the protest. Fox's Christina Coleman America is listening to Fox News. From Fox News Podcasts Network alone, Farina.

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