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Is on the eastern schumer wing high geraldine houria i'm good gay we are on your on the air live okay hi yes mention on one warning on your show there about about purchasing a new honda cvr what cr cr the endless right crv hung mm i mean it's called crv yes yes one of the serial number that you think you need to be aware of yes vote within that clip of not being made in the united states right well they've got a couple of the number one you you you've got sued numbers it could started in a number of different ways okay the one that you want to avoid in my opinion is the serial number that starts with the letter s as in sam that means that it was made in britain in england and i found the those vehicles in my opinion to be a little less reliable and honda crv are very reliable but i found the ones that were built in england that start with a letter s as in sam to be a little less reliable than the other ones now any other serial number that it starts with his fine whether it's a j for japan world one or a four for a united states no problem but the one in my opinion to avoid is the serial number that starts with a letter s as in sam okay geraldine we may have lost generally i don't know how it up there you are yes that's that's the one to avoid okay much you're quite walk we appreciate you go here okay now you all right i see a couple of things abound automobiles a lot of times is automobiles sometimes we manufactured in other countries now that's not a bad thing in most cases but this particular case i have a number of customers that have the honda crv that are built in england and they have the more loving care than i've seen in the other vehicles so still not a bad vehicle by but if i had my draw there's by the japanese made were the ones made here in america taking a break i'm dave syria it's saturday morning and that means you wanna know right here on talk.

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