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Get a good offense coordinator, get a good quarterback coach when The O.C. look at what's going on with the bills, right? Dave ball leaves. So what do they do? They promote what happens. You don't know if Dorsey is anything. I wouldn't know about here's my point. I would rather create a strong pipeline behind the coach I believe in offensive or defensive than just dismiss half the candidates because oh, well, I might not have a good offense of coordinator one day and that would suck. I just think that's a really irresponsible way to hire a coach. No, I don't disagree with you, but I think the issue is that the brightest offensive minds in football are getting the head coaching jobs. No question about that. If you don't grab one of those guys as a head coach, the likelihood that you're gonna get a good coordinator in place or a sequence of good coordinators after that is significantly lower because every single good offensive coach in the league is going to be a head coach within the next 5 years, right? And yeah, there's always up and comers. There's always new guys that come down the pipeline, but I think eventually you're going to see a league that's fully dominated by these offensive coaches and it's going to be really hard to go and find these OCs. And I think that you look at, for example, the Chargers with Justin Herbert, Brandon staley for all of his shortcomings as an in game coach and his decision makings during the game is very well renowned for his acumen as a defensive coach, but that's not gonna help Justin Herbert in the offense and that should be your most important asset. So I just yeah, Justin Herbert's been fine in the offense has been fine. It's been fine. I don't know if it's been as good as it possible. They're not, and I guess I'm kind of hurting my own case here, but this is a separate argument..

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