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Notice that neither of you guys talked about defense just now, do you want to say who defense or who do you think we'll be able to contain better? I do like the longhorns defense after that USC game. I think the second half of that game, they just really came allowed the first half. They just kinda Mosey the loan close game one point game, but they have to have like a light came on this ball club, right? Now's play a very physical brand of football there, relentlessly pursuing the ball, and that's what they're gonna lose need tomorrow. I really liked the little defense so far. This season play play much better. I think we thought earlier in the year when we saw Oklahoma play FAU, we were like, oh, this Oklahoma team is better. And then. We kept watching in right. Say movie that I've seen over and over and over again the credits where the exact same. So Oklahoma's defense will until otherwise we'll continue to be that crush that we talk about that achilles heel that costs them in big games like the Rose Bowl year ago when they gave up four hundred points, Oklahoma, they want to the last eight meetings between the Sooners and the long horns. We'll see who gets the better of who in the Cotton Bowl on Saturday, but another huge matchup a top twenty five one in week, six. We'll be Virginia Tech in Blacksburg hosting Notre Dame, so inter sand, man, everything that comes with a night at lane. Stadium will be in full effect, but it's interesting because Notre Dame comes in with the new quarterback. They look really confident and how will they perform in a hostile environment. You know the question Mark, I tell you what that think that a Brian Kelly that make their quarterbacks, which I think that saved their season looked at that team. I said they're gonna lose at least two games this season with Brandon wimbush. At the quarterback position, they switched a couple of weeks ago, put in EM book way force completely different looking office right now. I think in this game that brand deepest playbook because of book at the forbath position, he's gonna show them now some new formations. Some new personnel groupings in just a new place that loss has never seen take before. So I think that's going to be intriguing aspect of this game. How was Virginia Tech's defense going to make a just miss during that game? Because AMB book is a quarterback that they have really not allow tape on just two games is going to be very interesting to me now because Notre Dame has been a team that was a sleeper, pick people were like all they could be really good. Now, if you're looking at articles all across the country, final four team, this team is a playoff team. A lot of pats on their back. Everything going great, Virginia lost to Old Dominion. So keeping the focus of this team will be the next step of Ryan Kelly, but I agree in book definitely has transformed this team. I think the difference as you look at Notre Dame schedule and you're like, you get over the Virginia Tech home and then what's left in from James note. They don't know. This is a game for them. In writing like navy, I think maybe this low it down just like army did it guess Oklahoma, slow down every possession is just so critical. I think that that can be a very competitive game. They play navy, navy, beat him couple years ago and twenty sixteen. So watch out for that navy game that can be a sneaky. Good game to all right. Well, those are two of the three ranked verse rank games that we have in week. Six. Let's take a look at some of the ranked teams that have to go on the road this week and talk through some upset alerts if you guys think that even possible album at Arkansas. I'm not gonna say yet our next. All right. Yeah, absolutely. Why have you seen offers office this season? Yes, it's not pretty all visit offers should go no game thinking. They're going to dominate anybody because I don't think that level..

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