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Hey. Guests right now off the mic right now. Get them off. No, no. That's a stupid idea. My idea is nothing like that. We call the key or he good everyone. Shut up. Okay. My show. Oh, jesus. An app on sitcom or they had people kicking kick him this fucking studio. Shut up Chartres. Hi, it's me. Ross Matthew from television. AM television, and the worldwide Phanom stop drinking one the worldwide phenomenon straight talk with Ross I drove into day from Palm Springs. But I had to make a stop. Of a number two. Jack on the buff. Uh-huh. And you know, how I knew I could use that Jack in the box. Because I've stopped there before when you walk in. They can't even see you because sometimes going to fast food restaurant, and it's like I'm gonna use can I get a diet coke, and I used to I knew this one couldn't see when you walk in. And you can go to they can't do the counter. Chartres I present to you. The crap. Paran up with the p way it's like ways where other users generates information tell you what the traffic's like users will tell you where you can cramp anywhere in any city at anytime. The crap gotta go. No problem. Oh, oh, hell, no. With the crap. The crap where you can go. No, probably not. The new thought. Storyline on some show. I we you're going. No, probably. Now with this job. This is all public restroom aggressor people that open up there get you all public where you can go, and they're rated, and they can tell you where the good ones where to avoid like there was players amble. I went and one gestation recently. Yeah. There was a penny on the ground heads up almost picked up his but overed in cigarette. No, I would give that. One turn. We rate it. I I think this is data go, no probably I the crap app. Maybe the the only thing I would make about will is is is that name what I'm trying to land on trying names, call it like perfect potty or something that like, you could go, but you have at the we're crab. Probably everyone tries to think of think of it picture this on the Super Bowl commercial. I dare you to try to remember any of these other bullshit, tag lines. Do you? Remember gotta go everyone. No proc-, Jayme. Oh, yeah. Okay. Because it sells it so I the tagline. He works. I the title of one customer in the world who doesn't poop. Only those people born with no, but holes have cost me. But let them do you have clients do most of your clients poop by like ninety nine point nine percent. Mark loans. Let me say time everybody. Got a go Lord. Why don't you can is there? Another name crap. Are we flushing keeping it? I want wanna keep it. But I want to change the name the name is imperative you will not infringe. I don't do TV. I don't think you'll be able to do a soup. To the Squatty. Potty crap is a bad word. I need you on radio. Yes. You can't cramp on radio. You can't. It's not one of the seven thirty words. It's not this time. This would have been okay. Give me or I'm going to somebody else. I'll I'll take it. But I just don't love the name. So now, you have dumped you have floated you flushed a couple you have floated so far Nikki's up at birthday Abby birthday, you have floated so far CG's up. What's it called? Got you boom. I got your exactly what's it called. And you floated the universally adored crap gotta go probably MO. Oh, my. I feel. He's jealous. More out of the three. You've got a flush one out of those three. You've gotta flush one to two. I got you boo or bath. Bu-but go. Probably mo- one gets flushed. Okay. I mean, if I flushed see jam racist if I flesh, Nikki, it's me too. About fleischer. Awesome. Fire. Choose right now. Let's see I go home to a woman's AVI racist. Flushing? I have. Sorry. I got off to leave. The only reason why if if I'm having to decide is because the pitch just got a little lost along the way. There's a there's a lot to it. So it was hard to follow. I think you're onto something there. But he's making me choose I would take three if he'd letting. Kant's not shirts. In in in the tank defined by number two. You only get one choice. Nations. Black folks do not win on this on. Are you black Jerry? What was that? Bredow wiki. What are monk? We are down to only two you've got Nikki stupid fucking happy birthday. This person for their cut the crap got to go. Probably. I think the tagline is race.

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