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First things first. I'm John Wolf. This is Nick Right Chris for joining us this this morning. We are down here in Miami for Super Bowl Week. We came here to talk football but in life sometimes plans change and unfortunately today is one of those days. We are continuing to process the news of Kobe. Brian Steph his reach so much farther than just basketball as a father and husband has been an NBA legend and Oscar winner. So much more nick. I know this was hard on your was hard on every sports fan. How are you processing all of this morning? Now that you've that is second to let it sink in. Yeah I think processing is the right word and I don't think it sunk in I. This is the first one of these for me as far as unlike broussard. I had no personal relationship with Kobe. Bryant and I've never had had a celebrity death that registered with me the way I know so many have with other people. I remember the outpouring when Michael Jackson passed. Ask and I'll be totally candid. I didn't understand it. I understood people appreciated Newsweek and appreciated his career. But I didn't understand the grief reef people were feeling and now I do A. I am still in a stage of disbelief. Chris Chris I win. The news came across my twitter. Feed is I think was so many people I said. Well that's it can't be right and then as the news seemingly the only got sadder and sadder and it was confirmed and then we also know his thirteen year. Old Daughter passed away along with seven other people. I don't even know how to wrap my arms around it and I am in true shock that these it it Kobe Bryant Nineteen Seventy eight to twenty twenty that that we are not going to see Kobe Bryant sitting courtside Laker Games. When he's old and gray and that we're not going to get to see this next phase of his life that he seemed to be so excitedly embracing over the last few years of his retirement? uh-huh yeah like everyone. I mean. I was in shock. I was actually in the air when I found out I was flying to Chicago in in roots are here somebody at texted me. OMG and I shot back a question mark and they say Kobe dive and it just I was like this. Can't be Kobe. Bryant Kobe Bryant question mark and they said yeah and I began seeing other stuff because we were about to land in the news and it was like a gut cut punch and as you said I mean. I've seen tragedies. I was very little kid when Roberto Clemente died of a plane crash Thurman Munson. I was older and could understand when he died with the Yankees Magic Johnson when he came out got HIV people on a die. Hard order. Roy Halladay and more recently the great pitcher. But I haven't experienced anything like this in the world of Sports Ford in my lifetime. This is the most tragic for me that I've ever seen and there are a lot of reasons to be devastated but one was that Kobe. Head transition so smoothly to life after basketball which surprised me because because he has such tunnel vision as a player that I actually was one that thought he might have trouble transitioning because basketball was such so much a part of his is life and really was his life but he I mean I haven't seen a transition this new business ventures a venture capitalist won an Oscar. Oh for his movie dear basketball bestselling author for the Mamba Mentality Book and a family man a tremendous family win. That's why we didn't see as many laker games because he was spending time coaching his kids. Ironically the last time I saw him was about a year ago at the mall in Newport New Newport or beach where he lived and he was with his family and we spoke for about ten minutes he seems so comfortable and so just comfortable in life after basketball and so. That's one of the reasons of many. That is most devastating than me. All Jenna that the what Bruce Archer right there is was my immediate reaction. Once you start the process it is. There are certain guys who really do worry about wants as their careers over. No matter how much money you're famer accolades. They have. What will they do and will? They always be trying to who've reclaimed their athletic fame and I would have thought Kobe was going to be tops on that list because he was such an amazing competitor and he seemed to have a just a almost animalistic need to compete to defeat you to have there be some Scoreboard that he was on the top of but instead he went a totally different way. He embraced he totally room. Self into I would. It would appear the things. He may be always had a passion for but deprived himself of because he was so focused on singular greatness as a basketball a player and so he gets into films. He's always reading a different book and she gets his sports fixed through his daughters. And that's the part that for everyone to me is so jarring about it and it's a makes makes you honestly reconsider all your decisions. It makes you like all of us. I you know. Spend time away from our families for career. We're very focused on broussard. If I may your bi-coastal and I spent a year and and a half living in a different city than my wife and kids and going back and forth and it makes you think like is any it does any of it matter other than the things that actually matter and Gobi was finally getting to do the things for him actually matter and to have that stripped from him and selfishly for all of us to lose getting to see what the next fifty years of a savant a brilliant person I and that was trilingual person that could show the ability to get to the top of multiple fields. What he would've would've done the things he was already trying to do for women's basketball? It's it is a tragedy. Unlike I can remember in the sports world in my lifetime so for me I was at. I was at another network when the news of the Michael Jackson passing happen and I was just starting my career. When when when Princess Di Tragically killed those were the only two that I can remember that had such an incredible global reach but we didn't live really in the time of intense social media as we do now where you get the immediate impact of of how much he has coby Bryan has touched everyone? I mean far. I'm from just basketball. You scroll down any of your feeds and he has affected just about everyone and I know you both touched on it but my question to you is how much bigger it was. Kobe Bryant then just the basketball accolades which in and of itself are tremendously impressive. First of all basketball wise on a world stage he was as big as anyone anyone because in Asia he was arguably the biggest NBA player. There you know so yup basketball wise. I mean his impact is second to none and that includes does Michael Jordan and Lebron James as far as worldwide prominence and being a face of the game but Ko Nick Kamen touched a lot of athletes even if they go on to do some really good things after their playing career the best part at least to the public of their life life was going to be their sports career. I'm not sure that was going to be the case with Kobe. Bryant because he I mean he's I've been retired with three or four years three years and a half years and he's already done so many tremendous things and so what what he was going to do. Do I mean. I don't know if he would've ever delved into politics or whatever he obviously was intelligent enough was well respected enough to do things like that but he he was gonNA do some tremendous things off the court and again that is one of the things that makes us so tragic in my mind and and I don't know if this makes it Satur- or makes it I don't know more palatable. Probably somewhere in between when he was in the public you right in the public is Saturday night the night before because they were the Lakers were in Philly and Lebron passed him in the scoring list. And so what you saw from Kobe with his tweet after the game with Bill Flash in the LA Times wrote about today was. Kobe was truly at peace and was no longer engaging in the heavy stuff that I find myself engaging in all the time of this player versus player he was so confident and satisfied with what he had accomplished in basketball that that he had. I don't want to remove yourself from the fray but he was warning now just to lift others up and to move on to other phases. This is so you're glad he got that piece but it is for Kobe's family..

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