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That's the my starting point here, Not boy He wants out. Did Shawn Watson wants out? Make no mistake about that. He does one out because I don't think that they could do anything to placate him. Even if it's a you know, a handpicked coach Eric the enemy. I just think he's tired of the organization. And I think that in his mind, he's probably already checked out with the Texas If I'm to Shawn Watson, I would want out of that organization as well. Is. I don't think the future is bright. I think that's a tough, tough job. Who's ever taking over salary cap issues? JJ, Watch out the door. You don't have any draft picks. I mean, this is a way. If you trade him, you could get something back. Maybe you get a quarterback there. It's tough to, you Know, Trade a guy who's one of the top five or seven quarterbacks in the league is under contract there, but It might be good for both. They might come to that realization. I don't think the Packers are at the point where they go. You know what? Maybe we should part ways with Aaron Rodgers. I wouldn't be. He still plays at a high level. He has not done well in the postseason. We know that they should have won that gang. Being at home. They should have won that game. But You don't take advantage of mistakes by Brady on that's on Aaron Rodgers as well. Also, I have some numbers on if Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had gone forward on fourth down, we checked in with pro football focus, and I thought the numbers were interesting about Fourth and goal from the eight yard line with two minutes and eight seconds to go. Three timeouts for both teams, the wind probability for the Packers if they went for it. If they converted fourth down if they failed to convert and the wind probability of just kicking that field goal. I have those numbers for you. I'll bring those to your attention coming up in a little bit. Also, this certainly caught my eye. You know, when you talk about quarterbacks who could be on the move? I saw this from Adam Schefter. He sent a tweet and it says they're roughly 10 quarterbacks locked into starting jobs for opening day of 2021. This is expected to be an unprecedented off season of quarterback movement. My over under off teams changing quarterbacks this offseason is 18. I have not had and then Schefty goes. I'll take the over. Wow. 18 and you'll take the over. And you start to look at the questions you do. Shawn Watson. Hey, put Aaron Rodgers on their Matthew Stafford Act. Press Con Sam Donald, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff, Jimmy Garoppolo, Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater Mitchell Travis Key. Jamie's Winston, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger. And then you bring in the new wave of draft picks. Trevor Laurence Justin Fields, Zach Wilson. You've got probably five quarterbacks who will go in the first round. I got to go to some team and then what are you doing? Almost like you would rather part with an older quarterback sooner than later because let's just take a chance on this quarterback here. I have my doubts about Rafa's burger coming back. Philip Rivers has decided to retire. Drew Brees is probably going to retire. You're going to have a few of these quarterbacks, and some of these quarterbacks who started this year won't be starting next year. Gonna be a big turnover here. We'll check in with Chris Simms. Pro football talk and we'll see what he makes of the Aaron Rodgers situation is this Maybe a money grab on errands. Part is they're true frustration that he doesn't want to stay there. And why would that be? They're gonna lose some people, but every team loses people. Coming upon 19 after the hour. Just getting started. This is our one Dan. In the damn it Stand, Patrick show. I'm not going to let age beat me. I'm sort of, you know, like Tom Brady in this business. I've been around a long time, but you gotta It's a young man's game. But it takes work. You've got to come in. You gotta Eat right workout. Be prepared. You got to be driven and I have no plans to slow down. That's why I take a supplement. It's called him drive and it's an everyday supplement for guys like me. You want to stay energized. Lean strong and it was over 10 years ago, I'm Dr was created by an elite scientist, and he made it for himself. He just wanted to fight back against aging. They have so many great products on the website and Dr dan dot com..

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